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Select Customers

Intra™ Tracking Applications:

Many clients who initially deploy Intra Enterprise or Intra Omni package tracking software soon realize there are a myriad of other applications that are a natural fit for a robust product of this nature. Simply put, Intra can use barcoding technology to monitor and control the flow of any tangible object — such as parcels, property, files or people — as they enter and move through a facility.

Internal Delivery

From dock to desktop, Intra automates receiving, sorting and delivery processes while expanding tracking visibility across the corporate Intranet and beyond. Features include network level administration and security for mail accountability, integrated imaging features that allow users to store and/or email images of suspicious or damaged packages, specialized departmental charge-back tools, numerous internal pick-up request choices, extensive reporting capabilities, and hands-off interoffice mail management. Just scan and deliver with our IT-friendly solution.

Asset Tracking

Intra helps organizations to define, track, manage, search and report on virtually any asset — IT equipment, furniture, A/V equipment, software, engineering parts, art work and automobiles. The flexibility of the software allows users to define the item variable fields, the statuses of the tracking process and the information about the recipients or locations of assets.

Courier Tracking

Intra provides signature level accountability for couriers who pick-up and deliver traceable items - from legal or financial documents and files to laboratory samples or payroll. Intra manages pre-assigned delivery routes and on-the-fly pickups and deliveries. Utilizing existing barcodes or preprinted labels, drivers track all movement of items from dock to dock and finally to the end recipient.

File Tracking

Intra helps clients define, track, manage, search and report on the movement of files within an organization. Its flexible interface allows users to customize the item using variable fields, monitor movement and report on information relating to ownership or current location of files. Using the Parent/Child relationship function, individual files can be boxed, moved and updated with just one scan.

Visitor Tracking

Intra tracks the movement of visitors as they enter, move within and exit a building. Choose how you want to capture visitor information and let Intra do the work — record an electronic signature from the visitor, automatically add visitor information through a quick scan of their driver's license, or capture a digital image of your visitor with a Web camera. Store this information in the database or even print it out on the visitor's badge. Our sophisticated search engine allows clients to easily view visitor status and history and a host of other critical data.

Download the Intra Application Focus datasheet for even more applications.