When working for a government entity of any size, the need for efficiency and comprehensive oversight of daily tasks remains at the forefront of any manager’s job requirements. Management for government facilities does have many similarities to traditional corporate facilities management, but there are some key differences that must be addressed when considering new software. Certifications, security measures, and GSA schedules all play a role in ensuring your in-building logistics platform is running at maximum efficiency. That is why our facilities management software solution, Intra, was created with specific additions to assist government agencies with even the most complex of workflows. Curious to learn more? Here, our team of government software solution experts at SCLogic discuss common uses and workflows for federal and state facilities using our Intra platform.

Space Management, Asset Logistics & Workplace Services

One consistent issue among facilities of all sizes is space management. Although this may seem simple to correct, there is a huge range of effectiveness when it comes to space management software. Through Intra, our team has created two workgroups catered specifically to your daily space management tasks, Asset Logistics, and Workplace Services.  These workgroups are filled with workflows that simplify and expedite areas of your facilities management structure that may be struggling, including the monitoring and organization of assets (i.e., computers, phones, and other technology), as well as visitor tracking and workplace reservations. For smaller government facilities, the organization of assets is key. You want to ensure your team can maximize space, while also keeping all assets thoroughly organized at all times. This also relates to space management for employees as well, and our Workplace Services Workgroup may just be the perfect addition. For larger government facilities, meeting the schedules and needs of all departments can feel overwhelming. Having a centralized office space request form, along with improved oversight of your facility as a whole helps your team work with clarity and confidence.

 Maintenance & Visitor Management Through Intra Requests           

While it may seem like maintenance requests should be a minimal consideration in the scheme of your facilities management software, government buildings often fall victim to excessive maintenance needs due to their age. In a recent article by the Congressional Research Service, the federal government owns around 232,000 buildings that have a total estimated replacement value of over $1 trillion. Federal agencies are often responsible for the cost of maintenance and repair for their buildings and are obligated to ensure that maintenance is completed efficiently and thoroughly to keep all employees safe. In order to correct these issues accordingly, it is vital that government facility managers have access to software that prioritizes organization and accountability.

Through our Workplace Services Workgroup, government facilities can use Intra to fill out and monitor workplace requests, facility and room inspections, equipment audits, and more. This allows you to automate your planned maintenance schedule and assign maintenance tasks directly from operator handhelds. Proactive maintenance not only helps you avoid potential dangers for your team but ensures that you don’t fall behind due to unexpected maintenance costs. Through this workgroup, we have had over 590,000 inspections or tasks completed, keeping your day-to-day operations running perfectly.

Real Estate Management Through Intra Analytics Dashboard

For government agencies, real estate management is an area that can often feel overwhelming without a comprehensive level of oversight. Government-operated facilities throughout the country generally operate under their own cost center, meaning each building is responsible for all areas of facilities management, as well as establishing a cost structure and strategy for each year. Furthermore, certain government facilities oversee smaller subsidiaries throughout their state, and as a result, require thorough analytics reports for support. For government facilities managers that oversee the use of municipal buildings across their designated area, having access to relevant data and a user-friendly reporting dashboard helps you make accurate budgetary and occupancy decisions with confidence. Through Intra, you can configure your dashboard to pull the exact data needed for your facility, as well as monitor relevant KPIs and SLAs over time (i.e., monthly, quarterly, semi-annually).

For those overseeing multiple subsidiaries across their state, this is a huge benefit to see which locations are working the most efficiently and if there are any patterns or gaps that need to be addressed before moving forward with larger initiatives. This also provides your team and superiors with detailed, data-focused insights that can be used to adjust budget, job allocation, and more in the future. When it comes to budgetary decisions, data talks. However, this data must be relevant, extensive, and comprehensible in order to strategize accordingly. When we developed Intra, our team understood that each job sector using our software would have specific needs, requests, and requirements. We also understood that user adoption varies across and within industries and that our solution needed to cater to these varying levels of technology use. Through our Intra Analytics Dashboard, strategy and budget allocation are made easy.

Grow Your Government Facility With SCLogic

Making any changes in a government facility can be challenging, let alone implementing a new software. Security reigns supreme, including enhanced cybersecurity measures. Thankfully, our team has had decades of experience working with government agencies of all sizes, partnering with other government-focused organizations, and obtaining certifications to ensure we remain up-to-date with any changes in the field. If your team is ready to take the next step in implementing a modern and innovative in-building logistics solution, we are here for you through every step of the process. To learn more about our history, partnerships, and expertise within the federal and state government sectors, email [email protected]. If you are ready to see our solution in action, schedule a demo with one of our team members today!