Here at SCLogic, we understand you have the complex task of managing a Facility all while keeping overhead costs down. How do you make a business case for new technology when you have no budget? Don’t worry, we have the answers! In this blog, you will learn how to make your case for technology that is sophisticated enough to support your overarching business initiatives while being straightforward and reliable for your operators. Listed below are three of the major signs that you need some sort of facilities management software.

  1. Productivity

Every Facilities Manager’s nightmare is having a workforce that isn’t busy all day long. A facilities management system generates reports based on department and employee productivity. You can run reports to show how long it takes your employees to run their routes/sweeps, performs certain tasks, deliver packages, or complete requests from start to finish. Having complete visibility of your workforce ensures you’re allocating the correct number of employees for every area of your facility and keeps your workforce on track throughout the day. In some cases, it even shows you that you can cut down on FTEs.

  1. Paper

Are you drowning in paper requests? Do you have file cabinets full of old records? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it’s probably time for a change. Facilities management software virtually eliminates the need to keep any paper records. Requests for services, such as print/copy jobs, record pulls, workspace reservations, tasks, or package pick-ups, can all be completed in an online portal. The user can fill out a simple, yet intuitive request form and the operators can track the request as it goes through the various production stages. Signatures are collected on mobile handheld devices and stored in the database to close the accountability loop.

  1. Data

Big data is all the rage, but how do you properly analyze data if it’s all on paper? Facility management software allows you to collect data and analyze it in one user interface. You can even take this a step further and integrate your facilities management software with other applications used within your company (i.e. ERP systems, Space Management, SSO). This is the tool that helps you assess department performance, evaluate the value of your operation, identify where the gaps are in your workflows, and how to support requests for new resources with quantifiable data.

Shameless Plug: SCLogic’s Intra Platform helps large facilities design, execute, and measure asset and service workflows. From last-yard package tracking and receiving logistics to maintenance and IT support service requests, Intra is configurable to target your facility’s unique and everyday accountability pain-points. SCLogic’s 22-year focus on in-building logistics informs every aspect of our platform. Challenge us.

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