When it comes to the world of business, organization is of the utmost importance. If you are not able to organize and allocate the resources that you have, clutter and chaos will ravage your facility. A section that is more prone to clutter than other departments is a facility’s mail center. A hub of deliverables and receivables can quickly become rife with mail and packages if they cannot be delivered. For that reason, mail centers must have address forwarding in place.

The concept of address forwarding is quite simple: A facility’s mail center, upon the request of a recipient, redirects received mail to a forwarding address. Though this may seem like a simple tool, it has a significant impact on a facility’s operations. An address forwarding process will not only get mail to remote recipients but can also keep your team safe by reducing human-to-human contact. Address forwarding provides a way for your mail center to continue distributing received mail and packages to everyone in your company. While many logistics platforms offer a way to perform this service, SCLogic’s Intra platform gives companies two distinct approaches to perform address forwarding.

Integration With an Existing ERP System

Intra can integrate with your company or university’s ERP system to import forwarding addresses on file. Mailroom employees would scan the barcode on a package and assign a recipient. An alert would pop up saying that a student or employee has a forwarding address. From there, the employee could print a new label and prep the package for outbound shipment, ensuring it does not collect dust or take up valuable space in the facility.

Service Request Form

Intra also provides users an easy way to ensure their mail comes to the right location. Intra collects forwarding addresses via a request form completed by the user. To enter a forwarding address, students, employees, or anyone else receiving mail at the company would enter their new address into the Address Forwarding request form on the Client Services Portal, which automatically updates the recipient database.

The benefits of this workflow are numerous and timely. As 2020 wages on, social distancing is essential for the safety of your staff and company employees. With so much of the nation working or completing classes from home, companies and universities have had to rethink mail distribution. Rather than having packages and mail pile up on-site, address forwarding allows for a safe option for mail disbursement. Here are just a few of the many benefits of using Intra for address forwarding:

  • Provide a secure, isolated location for package quarantine: Hold packages in a secured area for 24 hours and then prep them for outbound shipping.
  • Maintain receiving operations: Continue to ship and receive packages for your company despite staff working remotely.
  • Manage logistics across your company: Intra allows you to process interoffice shipments and print/copy jobs despite staff working remotely.
  • SCLogic offers flexible forwarding options: Integrate Intra with an ERP system to import forwarding addresses or implement a request form for employees to enter their address.

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