Institutions of higher education face a set of challenges that are truly unique when compared to other institutions. Simple tasks like printing, graphic design, and receiving incoming packages become more extensive and complicated within a campus setting. Chief among those tasks is the undertaking of asset management. Keeping track of a university’s asset inventory is among the most daunting logistical problems the higher education industry faces. Universities, particularly those serving thousands of students, must track an enormous number of assets, from new computers and lab supplies to surplus items. Universities pay millions of dollars for valuable goods, so it is paramount that they are monitored and utilized in the most cost-efficient manner. Without the proper logistics system, this large-scale enterprise can quickly give way to mismanaged assets, lost items, and ultimately lost money.

What is SCLogic’s Asset Logistics Workflow?

SCLogic’s 22-year history of providing package tracking solutions to universities informs every aspect of our platform. The asset logistics workflow is a model that manages IT assets, surplus, tracks item assignment, status, location, services performed, and streamlines incoming requests for new devices as well as permissions to recycle old/broken devices. Intra is entirely configurable to target your campus’ unique and everyday accountability pain-points.

How Does Our Asset Logistics Workflow Work?

Like the SCLogic central receiving workflow, this model also features three distinct phases: Build, Route, and Report.


In this initial phase, staff can import or export asset data via the IntraKit API. Then, users can request action for any asset (i.e., pick-up, transfer, disposal, or sell to surplus). You can also approve and assign an asset to a location or an employee.


Once you request action for an item, managers can automatically assign it a route, ensuring the most expedient route is detected. After receiving and fulfilling a request for an asset, team members prep for delivery or pick-up. Team members can also add deliveries to courier mobile devices on the fly via the platform’s to-do list.


This final phase gives you complete transparency in every aspect of your asset management operation, from request volume to asset status. You are also able to view all assigned assets and their details based on location. Use the metrics in the Intra platform to monitor the asset’s logistical lifecycle from initial receipt to surplus sale, identifying places where your team can enact greater efficiencies. You may also track the whole history of each asset and other service level agreements (SLAs).

What Are The Benefits of Using This Workflow?

As universities face budget cuts and decreased tuition revenue, asset management is a critical enterprise that can often be high-pressure and bottom-line driven. With millions of dollars on the line, asset managers need a system that can provide vigilance and transparency to each item, allowing them to monitor an asset’s complete logistical life cycle. SCLogic prides itself on delivering a workflow tailored to each university client. Improve your asset logistics experience and empower your staff by using a system specifically created for them.

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