The central receiving department is often the heart of any university’s logistical system. The job of central receiving cannot be overstated, as they are ultimately responsible for ensuring that pallets worth of raw materials and packages reach the correct destinations on campus. Like the port of a coastal city, all of the university’s received goods flow through this department, whose tasks include sorting through materials and sending them on to various buildings, facilities, departments, and even individuals. Like any massive operation, the sheer volume of items coming in and out is truly daunting. Without an adequate workflow in place, mishandled, misrouted packages, and staff exhaustion are inevitable. For this reason, SCLogic created a tool that simplifies the receiving process with a configurable workflow that provides transparency into your logistics life cycle.

What is SCLogic’s Central Receiving Workflow?

SCLogic’s 22-year history of providing package tracking solutions to universities informs every aspect of our platform. The Central Receiving workflow is a model that streamlines incoming packages, closes purchase orders, dispatches couriers, confirms chain-of-custody, and measures productivity. From last-yard package tracking and receiving logistics to maintenance and IT support service requests, Intra is configurable to target your campus’ unique and everyday accountability pain-points.

How Does Our Central Receiving Workflow Work?

Much like the SCLogic Print/Copy workflow, this model also features three distinct phases: Sort/Receive, Route, and Report.


In this phase, staff scans each package barcode to determine its carrier and verifies delivery counts. Using the platform, staff can print shipping labels and sort the packages based on the route, ensuring an efficient delivery process. Your team can also create an email/text notification to alert recipients of any incoming packages.


The next phase involves the execution and delivery of the packages. As each package is received and sorted, assign them to a specific courier. Staff may add deliveries to couriers’ mobile devices via the to-do list. Intra makes the delivery process simple and pleasant, as it allows team members to choose from dozens of desktop delivery options. Close the accountability loop via signature capture, location barcode scan, or status change.


In the final phase, staff members and supervisors alike can analyze the package volumes and reports for the entire department. Use your platform metrics to monitor an individual employee’s performance or to ensure that your department meets SLA expectations. You may also monitor departmental spending, compliance, and purchase orders.

What Are The Benefits of Using This Workflow?

For too long, companies have had to settle for a generic central receiving system that lacked configurability; this is why SCLogic prides itself on providing a bespoke experience with its workflows. Our central receiving workflow is fully configurable to meet your department’s unique needs. From sorting to delivery, each stage and variable set is configured for your use-case. Your receiving experience is improved and empowered when your staff uses a specially created system tailored to their process.

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