The modern workplace is consistently changing, however, with the impact of COVID on every industry, the influx of teleworking, and change in priorities for many employees, there are bound to be some lasting changes. One of these changes is the employee experience and how this past year and a half has impacted the workplace for years to come. Technology has become a non-negotiable, and employees are seeing both the impact this has had on their personal development, as well as the efficiency of their department and company. Here, the digital workspace solutions experts at SCLogic discuss the importance of the employee experience during and post-COVID and how you can navigate these changes with ease to keep your team engaged and working as efficiently as possible. 

Understand the Hybrid Workforce is the New Normal

One change in the workforce that has become a staple in the modern workplace is a hybrid work schedule. Amid COVID, many industries became incredibly familiar with working on a hybrid schedule, and for some, this increased their individual and departmental productivity. As a result, companies must adapt to increasing technology demands to accommodate employees, partners, and customers. While these technology changes may bring about difficulty upfront during the employee adoption and retention period, the long-term benefits surely outweigh the initial frustrations. Hybrid workforces can provide extensive benefits for your organization and allow you to scale your business efficiently. For example, say your company is headquartered on the East Coast, but many of your potential leads are coming from the Midwest or West Coast. Offering part-time or fully remote positions allows talented individuals with expertise in these regions to expand your customer base, establish relationships, and ultimately improve revenue. In a recent Accenture study, 83% of respondents said that a hybrid workforce would be optimal post-pandemic, and 63% of high-growth organizations have enabled productivity anywhere workforce models. Employees and employers alike are responding positively to a hybrid workforce, allowing for optimal growth as we move through this unpredictable time. 

Focus on Software Designed with UX in Mind

UX, or user experience, is the design process that organizations use to create a product or service that is catered to the specific needs of their target market, including but not limited to design, functionality, and integrations. At SCLogic, we make it a priority to adapt to our customers’ current needs and pivot when shifts occur. During the pandemic, our team saw an opportunity to hone in on the issues that our users face daily, and craft a solution that alleviates many of the pain points both in-office and hybrid workers face. We did this by updating our in-building and campus logistics software, Intra, to focus on ease of use for employees of all ages. Through Intra, we offer extensive benefits for facilities managers across a variety of industries, including government, healthcare, university, entertainment, food and beverage, and more. From single sign-on to email intake and integrations, including ERP systems, intelligent lockers, and outbound shipping options, Intra in its entirety was created to help employees work efficiently to improve daily workflows, streamline communication, and improve revenue for their teams.

With the pandemic in play, there is no doubt that user experience must be at the forefront of your software. If your team is considering updating your current software to a more modern and innovative solution, SCLogic has you covered. For many large-scale facilities, daily tasks have become more complex and time-sensitive during the COVID era, and having a software platform that can handle these requests with ease is becoming a necessity. When you work with SCLogic, you’re not just working with another company that provides a one-time service, you’re fostering a relationship in which we guide you through every step of installation and implementation. So, what makes us different? Besides our focus on the user experience within Intra, we have created our software with a strategic approach in mind, catering to each step of your facilities management process. That is why we’ve perfected our configurable analytics dashboard, allowing your team to track, measure, and report on relevant KPIs and SLAs. Your employees will be able to identify gaps and work toward tangible goals with modern and user-friendly software.

Navigate COVID and Post-COVID Workflows with SCLogic

There is no better time to focus on the employee experience than now. With the inability to understand the length and volatility of this pandemic, coming together as a team is vital. Being proactive in setting your employees up for success and creating an environment (both in-office and online) that supports productivity is imperative. For facilities, office, central receiving, asset managers, and more, we’re here to help your team thrive during the pandemic and for years to come. When you choose SCLogic, understand that we spend each day, month, and year improving our software through direct customer feedback and industry trends. We strive to remain above our competitors by creating some of the most cutting-edge facilities management software for large-scale facilities and universities. If you’re ready to learn more, email [email protected] with all your questions! Ready to schedule a demo? Contact our team today to set up a time and take your in-building logistics to the next level.