We’re excited to introduce a blog series that explores a gap we discovered in the facilities management industry and how we’re helping people fill it with action items that are fueled by knowledge and understanding.

How do we know what we’re talking about and why should you care? A little history first…

SCLogic started in the barcoding and tracking niche. If you could put a barcode on it, we could track it. Student packages, roller coaster parts, ballot boxes, gas cylinders, medical equipment, you name it. Shipping departments and logistics managers throughout the universe came to know us as the most sympathetic shoulder to vent their frustrations on and we in turn, came to understand the ins and outs of their professional pains. We created mind-blowing software solutions (credit to our dev team because they can’t help but be awesome) that directly addressed their calls for departmental visibility and accountability. Managers jump for joy!

However, we quickly realized that tracking was just the first stepping stone on our path towards campus logistics enlightenment. Through careful listening on countless phone calls and onsite visits, we observed a recurring theme: we provided cool tracking technology, but they needed rock-solid processes and facility workflows to act as the foundation. Without it, there was only so much efficiency and insight our software could tap into. So, with that in mind, we have taken the next step with the sleek, sans fluff Facilities Workflow Platform.

Thus, with years of notes filed away in digital files, tucked in emails, and spread across our physical desks, we are equipped to share what we’ve learned and how it can benefit you.

Fun trip down memory lane, right?

Keep an eye out for the next installment!