This post is part of the Frequently Asked Questions section of my blog. I will pick a frequently asked question(s) about the Intra package tracking software and then explain what it is and how it works. Note: These questions and answers should apply for most reputable package tracking systems, but will vary depending on software configuration. For this post, I’m going to answer two quick questions, the first being: Can I add a workstation or mobile device?

In the Intra Browser Client Management Console component of the web application, you can authorize the mobile device by an internal device ID, which is based on a list of authorized devices that have been synced to the Intra Mobile Sync service. When using the Intra Browser Client for the first time on a workstation, simply use the dropdown option to select the name of the workstation. The number of available workstations are dependent on your license.

Can I add a new user?

In the Intra Browser Client Management Console, website administrators can add a new user. You will be required to create a username and password and will then need to assign your user to a group based on the permission(s) you would like the user to have.

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