This post is part of the Frequently Asked Questions section of my blog. I will pick a frequently asked question(s) about the Intra package tracking software and then explain what it is and how it works. Note: These questions and answers should apply for most reputable package tracking systems, but will vary depending on software configuration. For this post, I’m going to answer: What should you consider when choosing a SQL or SQL Express database?

The SQL installation of the product is a full enterprise style system. The ability of the system to expand is only limited by the infrastructure housing the various components. This kind of database is ideal for larger user groups, multiple buildings, multiple core function profiles, or high throughput volumes. The SQL Express installation is designed to reside on a single workstation and accommodate a handful of system users. This application is ideal for smaller offices and a single mail center and light volume demands. SQL Express installations should have no more than 10 concurrent connections, of which only 3 should be desktop clients. For both database platforms, a growth metric of 8K per processed item can be used to calculate expected database size. This metric assumes several transactions and an electronic signature for each item.

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