holidayIt’s funny, the holidays are a time we inherently know we should relax, spend time with friends and family, and recharge the mind, body, and spirit in order to feel prepared for the renewed push associated with the New Year. However, there often accompanies a feeling of mad dashery to get things done, both from a personal and work-related standpoint, before we can relax, which only adds to the stress. A bit self-defeating, don’t you think? What’s worse, it often bleeds into the time we specifically designated to taking a breather. What’s left is the feeling of discombobulation, multi-tasking gone terribly wrong, an overall lack of productivity, and the distinct anxiety that comes with it all. Nothing was accomplished, it’s all ruined, just go home with your head bowed in defeat and drink some eggnog.

I’m kidding! There’s a way to find time for both productivity and relaxation. In fact, we recently came across an article that addressed this topic in called “11 Ways To Recharge During The Holidays (And Still Tackle Your To-Do List”. Feel free to read it of course, but it boils down to this:

  1. Be your own project manager. Prioritize what needs to get done and when, then prioritize what you’d like to get done, if you have time leftover. This includes personal time! Some thought leaders propose total schedule mania, down to blocking out family time, me time etc., which seems a little intense for my taste, but if it brings you mental peace, have at it. The rest of us can make a general list of to-dos and timelines and feel pretty accomplished about it. Note: Be realistic about what’s important to you so you can see through to the next step.
  2. Stick to your plan. It is crucial that you stick to your guns, otherwise it all falls apart. Cue the walk of defeat and glass of eggnog. Unless it’s a true emergency, people will respect your schedule, especially if you’ve worked it out alongside your boss and coworkers, leaving all the bases covered, leading us to the next step/lesson.
  3. Many hands make light work (as well as add to the camaraderie and fun!). If you make plans with those you work with, coworkers and significant others alike, not only are you all on the same page, you can share the load as a team, throw in a Happy Hour, and all be the better for it. And that’s a great way to get things done, be merry, get some rest, and feel ready to welcome the New Year.

So! Because I’m so incredibly on task, I can happily wish you Happy New Year a full four days in advance. Welcome 2019!