For any facilities manager, the ability to report on key metrics for your operation is vital. Detailed oversight of each department allows you to negotiate, adjust, and build relationships with stakeholders, partners, and end-users. Additionally, reporting can be a fantastic tool to ensure that your department remains the sole provider of common areas of operation, such as asset logistics or mail and parcel services. Here, the facilities management and campus logistics experts at SCLogic discuss how you can utilize Intra’s analytics dashboard and other reporting capabilities to prevent your operation from being outsourced, leading to internal growth and an increase in departmental revenue.

Use Intra Reporting to Show KPI Improvements

KPIs, or key performance indicators, are created internally by your department or superiors to monitor growth through a certain period, such as a month, quarter, or year. Through comparison, measurement, and adjustment over time, your team will be able to see points of strength, as well as gaps that can be closed with additional manpower, technology, or other efficient means. It’s important to note that there should be specific KPIs created for each department. For example, office managers may focus on visitor tracking, while asset managers may focus on surplus and storage space. Many companies and campuses strategize their KPIs at the beginning of each year, meeting each quarter to discuss changes and pivot as needed. By utilizing an in-building logistics solution such as Intra Enterprise or Intra EDU, your daily workflows will become much more efficient. Our software is designed to be both functional and transparent, giving you detailed, configurable reporting for each designated workflow. Additionally, you can build custom dashboards with the help of our team to create a singular hub for all KPI monitoring.

By focusing on reporting in your department frequently, you have tangible data to show stakeholders your department’s growth through any period. If beneficial, your superiors will be less likely to outsource your current processes since they already have a guaranteed metric of growth. After monitoring KPIs for an extensive period, your superiors may also be more likely to increase budgets for additional opportunities, since your team presents a lower risk than outsourcing new companies or technology for additional assistance.

Use Intra Reporting to Ensure SLAs are Met

Often confused with KPIs, SLAs, or service level agreements, are agreements between service providers and end-users, or vendors to customers. Just as you would monitor KPIs through Intra’s analytics dashboard, you also have the opportunity to gather reports on your connection with partners. For example, many of our current customers in both large-scale facilities and campuses use carrier integrations through companies and organizations such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Whether you’re working with integrations as large as these or partnering with other local carriers, you want to ensure your SLAs are met, especially if your superiors are considering utilizing these companies for additional operations.

One example in which SLA reporting can be extremely helpful is package tracking and delivery for mailroom managers. Without chain-of-custody reporting, you are not able to accurately track mail and package handling, and any inconveniences will often fall on your team. However, with chain-of-custody reporting through Intra, you can create a detailed log of mail and package handling throughout your mailroom, bringing any inefficiencies from your partners (i.e., lost packages, lengthy delivery) to light. If you can show that your team has exceeded estimated delivery times and minimized misplaced packages for an extended period, you can show stakeholders just how efficient your mailroom is, and why these operations should be kept internal. Additionally, if your superiors are spending an excessive amount of money to partner with these organizations that are not meeting SLA requirements, you can request that the budget for these partnerships be allocated toward internal departmental growth.

Use Intra Reporting to Expedite Office & Campus Reopening

As COVID-19 vaccines continue to roll out across the country, many offices and campuses are nailing down their reopening procedures, although this does not come without hard work. Social distancing is still being enacted, and many facilities managers want to minimize any additional contact or visitors that they may have. Using Intra, you are able to pull reports on office space usage and manage in-office work time through tools such as hot desking. By keeping this process internal, you are eliminating the middleman, saving time and energy for everyone so that you can focus on getting your office or campus back to normal. For example, if you are an office manager for a medium-to-large company, you will already have detailed insights into each department, the layout of your office space, and how to maximize revenue. Reporting on your ability to keep PPE stocked, limit unwanted visitors and schedule conference rooms and maintenance requests without hassle shows your superiors that you have a complete handle on all daily office tasks, and that outsourcing these tasks will ultimately cost them time and excessive amounts of money. As a result, processes remain internal, and you enter a win-win situation of assisting your superiors while growing your department.

See How SCLogic’s Intra Software Can Help You

At SCLogic, we understand how difficult it is to keep track of everything as a facilities or campus logistics manager. With growing competition and an influx of new technology, many daily operations are being outsourced. Although this may seem like a quick fix, it can be harmful long term for companies and campuses that do not have a detailed reporting history on in-building logistics KPIs and SLAs. That is why we created Intra Enterprise and EDU to solve the many pain points your department faces each day, providing configurable solutions and in-depth reporting so that you can grow your department with confidence. Our reporting capabilities are unmatched, and with over a quarter-century of experience in facilities management software, we like to think we’re always staying ahead of the curve. To see how SCLogic can help you keep your processes internal through detailed reporting, email [email protected] or schedule a demo today. We can’t wait to speak with you!