For many large-scale organizations and universities, sustainability is at the forefront of your overarching strategy in the coming years. Environmental efficiency has become a staple, helping to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint and pave the way for those who will come after you. However, many organizations lack the ability to pull relevant data, remain organized, and plan accordingly to improve their sustainability efforts. The solution? Intra. SCLogic’s unique in-building and campus logistics software offers configurable solutions for your unique pain points, creating a modern and innovative solution to set your organization on a sustainable trajectory for the foreseeable future. Here, our facilities management experts at SCLogic discuss how Intra can amplify your organization’s sustainability efforts with configurable workflows centered around environmental efficiency. 

Efficient Integrations Lead to Reduction in Time & Energy Costs

When in charge of a large-scale facility, time is priceless, and energy efficiency is vital. For campuses and office buildings alike, we offer a variety of integrations for intelligent lockers and self-service kiosks that not only hasten your daily workflows but improve sustainability as well. Intelligent lockers remove the need for continuously re-making lost keys that students and employees lose for their designated mailboxes. Additionally, our intelligent locker integrations can run on Wi-Fi, helping you avoid the time-consuming process of installing wires and additional technology to ensure they stay connected. Finally, outdoor kiosks and intelligent lockers can also be wired to run through solar panels. Not only does this help your organization improve your sustainability efforts, but for-profit universities and companies may also reap benefits from various state and federal tax incentives for the use of solar panels.

For example, DSIRE, or the Database of Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency, shows funding and grant opportunities for businesses and schools in each state looking to improve their sustainability efforts. From a cultural standpoint, this is also a point of contention for many younger individuals in Gen Z who are passionate about environmental activism. Working to improve your sustainability efforts on campus may ultimately provide data points that your future students will use as a decision-maker. Finally, this can also enhance B2B relationships with third-party stakeholders that you have service level agreements or SLAs with. By showing you have a history of sustainability practices, you will foster a trustworthy relationship with outside partners.

Asset Management Assistance Creates a Modern & Efficient Workplace

As an asset manager, one of your major pain points is likely the inability to work proactively in your business areas. Without detailed insight into the health of your technologically based assets, you are spending countless hours monitoring downtime, maintenance costs, and revenue lost from inefficient assets. With Intra, you can monitor your assets in detail, including the exact age of each hardware asset, mean time to repair (MTTR), mean time between failure (MTBF), and assets without lifecycle status. All these factors play into your business’ health, leading to gaps in your workflow and money lost if not corrected. Our Asset Logistics Workgroup is the perfect solution to combat these pain points, allowing you to make proactive maintenance decisions and measure your workplace’s overall sustainability.

For example, if there is a particular machine or version of your hardware assets that continuously need to be fixed, you can gain insight on just how much time, money, and staffing it costs to fix this. Many of these fixes may not be sustainable, and in turn, you can decide to recycle these assets before making fixes. If you are in an older workplace, your assets were probably not designed with sustainability in mind. With massive policy changes for many companies creating these assets, it may be time for your business or campus to think about a significant upgrade. While this might be expensive during the early stages of replacement, you will surely reap the benefits for your organization in the long term. Our team currently partners with Zebra and Honeywell to provide advanced and efficient hardware options for organizations of any size.

Identifying Gaps in Central Receiving & Delivery Reduces Carbon Footprint

While common, sustainability efforts in daily tasks such as package delivery and central receiving are often overlooked. As it ties into asset management, large universities and organizations commonly have excessive storage space taken up by unused assets. This leads to an inefficient organization in central receiving and ultimately limits the number of packages you will be able to store. One sustainable solution is recycling surplus! Many gently used assets can be sold and reused elsewhere, helping you generate revenue for your department and reduce waste. This also opens storage space for you to take in new packages and charge for other departments looking to store packages for an extended period of time.

Once you have improved your warehouse’s efficiency, you can move on to identifying gaps in your receiving and delivery routes. Intra offers insights to help you determine the most efficient delivery routes for your campus or organization, saving you time and reducing your carbon footprint. Without oversight into current delivery routes, delivery trucks are likely contributing to additional air pollution as they move about different areas of your campus without guidance. The same can be said for central receiving, which has been altered on many campuses to combat human-to-human interaction and reduce contact due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Packages may be delivered to many additional spots across campus to prevent crowds, but this can harm your sustainability efforts if not kept under control. Consider having one central receiving space and altering your team’s daily tasks to deliver packages to specified locations through walking or utilizing energy-efficient machines to do so.

Let SCLogic Support Your Sustainability Efforts with Cutting-Edge Solutions

With over a quarter-century of experience in in-building logistics and campus facilities management, our goal is to provide our customers with software solutions customized for their unique needs and catered toward productivity and sustainability. The shift toward environmental efficiency will only continue to grow in the coming years, and it is your job to keep your team ahead of the curve. These efforts will not only reduce your carbon footprint but prove to be a revenue-generating and time-saving factor in the long-term growth of your campus or business. To see how our team can help you take the next steps into a sustainable workplace, email [email protected] or schedule a demo with us today. 

 We look forward to working with you and reducing our carbon footprint one step at a time!