The US Department of Veteran Affairs is tasked with providing resources and services for former members of United States armed forces. Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Centers are one of the many healthcare initiatives provided by the Veterans Health Administration. Much like civilian hospitals, centers often receive an immense amount of receivables and consumables. Any facility that lacks tools to account for all of their assets properly can easily lose track of them; unfortunately, these centers are no exception.

VA medical centers use VistA (Veterans Information Systems and Technology Architecture) as their central information system. While it is a robust data system with many applications, the software isn’t designed for tracking asset logistics. As a result, VA centers lose time searching for received items, as VistA is unable to track proof-of-delivery and provide an accurate view of resources on-site.

While VA personnel are typically retired service members who understand the importance of efficiency and accountability, VistA only provides limited item visibility, which can create confusion across departments. Warehouse staff are often blamed for missing items and lack of resources. This confusion not only clouds any accurate view of a facility’s resources, but it impacts staff morale. A trustworthy relationship between medical staff and support staff is the backbone of any functioning medical center. When there is no trust between the departments, the lack of synchronicity will impede a center from operating at the highest level.

So how can any VAMC solve this logistical quandary? The answer is quite simple. The key to effective resource oversight lies in the usage of a proper proof-of delivery system. A proof-of-delivery (POD) feature aids in accountability and transparency by offering a more accurate step in a facility’s package tracking workflow. This feature adds clarity to facility logistics, saving personnel the time and embarrassment of looking for items.

SCLogic offers a proof-of-delivery system, Intra Enterprise, that allows facilities to track the receipt of ordered items. Warehouse staff are responsible for checking that received packages contain the exact amount and type of items ordered; Staff sign for a package when they have confirmed that the correct items have been delivered. Intra Enterprise logs a package recipient’s signature upon delivery, ensuring an accurate inventory of received items and providing complete accountability.

Operational excellence should be the aspiration of any medical facility; For many, there is an added importance when it comes to serving those who have served. No facility should allow poor logistics management to impede its staff from delivering the best medical care to its patients. A trustworthy in-building logistics system, coupled with a strong proof-of-delivery feature, is the best way to ensure that any VAMC always has the tools it needs to take care of veterans.

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