Over the past decade, the influence of technology in the modern workplace has grown exponentially. From updated software to sleek hardware, all of which aid in simplifying daily tasks, many jobs have been adjusted to incorporate efficient technology. Technology is second nature for millennials and Gen-Z workers, but continuous changes often require more time and focus on adapting accordingly for older generations in the workforce. At SCLogic, we understand that this change can be difficult, and for organizations and campuses with employees of varying ages, user adoption can be a challenge. Our team of in-building logistics software experts discusses ways to improve employee experience as a manager and drive user adoption for updated office technology. 

Understand User Adoption Won’t Happen Overnight

So often, when organizations incorporate new technology into their office or campus, they do so in a way that does not cater to the varying needs of their employees. As an office manager, central receiving manager, or corporate manager of any kind, one of your primary duties is to ensure that daily tasks run smoothly and that your employees are comfortable and confident in completing their job. When adopting new software, it is important to note that this will not be an immediate change, and there will likely be a learning curve for many employees. To combat this learning curve, be sure to allot additional time or adjust your strategy during the implementation and early adoption period so that you are able to handle customer and student/faculty requests without feeling overwhelmed. 


Additionally, provide multiple learning opportunities and outlets, as each person may have a different learning style. Whether they are using self-guided eBooks, speaking with a representative over the phone, or teaching themselves hands-on, employee adoption is best when it happens over an extended period. At SCLogic, our team is fully aware of how much these changes can impact your daily workflows, which is why our technical service analysts, integrations specialists, and implementation coordinators are experienced and ready to assist you throughout every step of the process. Our assistance is not based on a “one-and-done” method but rather, a continued meaningful relationship with each customer we acquire.  

Explain Benefits of Software Adoption to Employees

When beginning the transition of adding new technology into your workplace, user adoption can be improved if the benefits to employees are clearly explained. Without a detailed explanation of

why this change is occurring and how it will benefit your team in the long run, employees may feel overwhelmed, averse to change, and less likely to adopt. By beginning the conversation with insight into how your new software will make many of their daily tasks much more efficient, you allow your employees to see that while there may be adjustments needed during the early implementation stages, the impact this software will have in the long run is well worth it. Every one of our workgroups at SCLogic showcases unique benefits for your team, with a user-friendly interface, continued updates, and various integrations with partners such as OfficeSpace, FedEx, UPS, and more. 


Furthermore, organization and communication always remain at the forefront of our software creation. Our mission is to craft a platform that emphasizes internal and external communication and chain-of-custody for mail and package tracking. As an owner, manager, or employee, you deserve insight and clarity into daily processes and workflows, as well as long-term strategic goals. Our comprehensive software platform, Intra, provides a completely customizable analytics dashboard for your employees to place or complete requests and for managers and stakeholders to view relevant KPIs and SLAs for their department. 

Simplify Employee Tasks & Protect Valuable Data

Another way to help improve user adoption and employee experience is to emphasize the simplicity that many of these processes bring to their daily life. Many organizations that have forms of outdated technology often don’t realize just how much time, money, and energy these tasks require. For example, SSO, or single sign-on integrations, permit employees to use a single set of login credentials across multiple applications, avoiding the excess frustration of having to reset passwords continuously. Additionally, our hot desking workflow allows for collaboration among teams, while our workplace requests workflow allows employees to request needed maintenance or assistance easily. This creates a more organized workplace as many companies re-enter the in-person workforce post-COVID. During the COVID pandemic, almost every organization had to adjust in some form, many of which focusing on an increased digital/remote presence. If your team or department is returning to the office, now may be the perfect time to transition your software, as employees will likely have an increased understanding of basic technology and a fresh mindset for new in-office workflows. 


Finally, user adoption can be made easier by explaining the protective aspects that modern software provides. Unfortunately, outdated software provides openings for hackers to expose sensitive company data, employee records, and more, leading to significant and long-lasting issues for your entire company or campus. IoT devices commonly used during the pandemic can be susceptible to network breaches and attacks, especially if they are not continuously updated. With outdated software, internal crashes are also more likely, leading to missing packages, lost information, and delayed task completion. These reasons should not be used to scare employees but rather explain the proactive mindset of protecting your team and ensuring long-term success. 

SCLogic Prioritizes User Experience Through Intra Facilities Management Platform

At SCLogic, one thing we are truly passionate about is our customers. Do we love new technology? Of course. Are we utterly obsessed with all things related to facilities management? Absolutely. But we could not continue to do what we do without our incredible customers! From large state universities to national corporations, we strive to provide unmatched service and foster meaningful relationships with every customer. This begins the moment you choose our software and will continue for years to come. We understand that employee adoption can be difficult and that your team may be averse to change. We’re here to shift their mindset into understanding just how much Intra can improve their daily tasks, even if there may be a slight learning curve upfront. To learn more about the extensive capabilities of Intra and discuss how we can help you, email [email protected], or, if you’re already convinced and ready to see Intra in action, schedule a demo with us today! 


We can’t wait to hear from you.