ifma wwpchar18

Last week at IFMA’s World Workplace marked SCLogic’s official first year in the IFMA Facility Management space, which put us in a contemplative frame of mind. What have we gleaned from the past 12 months? We’ve been furiously working at understanding our IFMA facility manager audience and assessing how our solutions best complement their needs and ideals, so how far did we come?

What we’ve found is that yes, our logistics background and chain of custody expertise is absolutely an addition to the systems providing in depth information on asset depreciation, work orders, and space management. In fact, our in-building logistics platform has put us in a prime position to partner with those companies to provide a truly connected, enterprise-grade facility solution. I think it’s safe to say we’ve joined forces with more companies in the past year than ever before, and it’s a win-win that shows great promise for everyone involved.

There was nothing more gratifying than having conversation after conversation in our booth last week about how our messaging not only made sense to facility managers, but it got them excited about what the future could hold for their facility. Feels like we’re right where we’re supposed to be.