How often have you clicked “login with google” or “connect to Facebook” when signing up for a new application or service? These connections have become commonplace and have allowed for data sharing across multiple platforms. While this specific type of data sharing is now ubiquitous, it is the famous face of a much-lesser known family of phenomena called Application Programming Interfaces (API). Within the logistics world, APIs can significantly impact the visibility of operations and ease of use of your software.

What is an API?
An API defines interactions between multiple types of software. Specifically, it outlines the types of requests the connected software can make, how to make them, and the data formats used. Companies can use APIs to connect several workplace solutions for easier tracking and reporting. For example, SCLogic’s IntraKit API allows users to link their Intra platform with mail and package carriers to provide shipment manifest information, status updates, and event alerts for your inbound and outbound shipments. You can see UPS packages sent by multiple vendors and receiving locations across your organization as well as information about those shipments sent using your UPS Accounts. You can also use an API to connect intelligent lockers, ERP systems, and many other software programs to provide an all-encompassing view of your logistics processes.

Why is this Important?
Intra’s API allows you to integrate multiple systems, an act that can save your business valuable time and resources. Rather than manually entering data from one system to another, IntraKit provides the map for these systems to share information. This allows users to perform most tasks in a single platform, even when pulling data from multiple systems. An API also aids in reporting. Pull the data you’ve accumulated from numerous software programs into concise analytics to inform your decision-making process.

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