In this blog series, we will sit down with an employee at SCLogic and ask them five questions about their role with the company and their favorite Intra components. This week, we sat down with Eric Putman. Check out the interview below:

Marketing: What is your role at SCLogic?
Eric: I’m a Channel Success Manager. My primary focus is on SCLogic’s current FM customers, ensuring their satisfaction and that they are utilizing the full breadth of Intra’s features. The majority of my day is spent contacting customers, understanding how they utilize our platform, and identifying existing/new features that help them work and manage their business more efficiently.

Marketing: What’s the best part about your job?
Eric: The favorite part of my job is reaching out to our customers and listening to how they are currently utilizing Intra, then discussing possible efficiencies via current or new functionality. My choice is informed by my 20-years as an FM Workflow Analyst. I enjoy working with our Intra users and ensuring that they utilize Intra’s full breadth of features and functionality.

Marketing: What’s your favorite feature in Intra? Why?
Eric: One of my favorite things about Intra is its flexibility. Each customer has its own workflows and terminology. When implementing Intra, the SCLogic technicians can work with the staff to incorporate their current processes/terminology and recommend efficiencies. Intra’s features and flexibility make it an approachable platform and allow for a shorter user learning curve and higher adaptability.

Marketing: What’s your favorite workflow or integration? Why?
Eric: My favorite workflow is Address Forwarding, which allows the mail center to manage virtual workers that receive accountable packages and mail. Address forwarding enables the mail center staff to redirect their items to a forwarding address upon request of a recipient. Intra can integrate via SSO or auto-import with the organization’s recipient database. The integration enables the user to log-into a customer service portal and add their forwarding address into an electronic form that feeds Intra’s recipient database.

Marketing: What future innovation are you the most excited about?
Eric: Fuzzy Logic; it enables the user to scan the 2D barcodes that match the ship-to name with the customer’s recipient list. The information is fed into a cognitive algorithm and assigned a confidence score. High confidence scores automatically select the recipient information, automatically populating receiving screens eliminating manual data entry; this enables the user to process accountable packages in a much more efficient manner.

What do you love the most about Intra? Do you have a favorite feature? Let us know in the comments below or email us at [email protected].