Has your mailroom or distribution department been charged with managing a stockpile of personal protective equipment (PPE)? If so, SCLogic can help! A leading university reached out to SCLogic to see if they could use Intra to manage their PPE distribution, and we were able to develop a workflow that met their needs.

How Does Our PPE Tracking Workflow Work?

1. Navigate to the PPE request form on the Intra Client Services Portal (CSP). Here, via a Single-Sign-On integration, the form automatically recognizes who the requester is and their contact information. In the event this integration is not available, you can manually fill in this information.

2. The requestor can select the types of materials needed, such as face masks/shields, gloves, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, or thermometers, and fill in any additional information (i.e., recipient details, item number/description, and the purpose of the request.

3. Once the request is submitted, an email confirmation is sent to the requestor, recipient, and the department fulfilling the order.

4. All incoming requests are added to the Intra Fulfillment Screen, allowing managers to see in real-time how many orders are outstanding.

5. Orders are packaged and sorted based on delivery routes. When the items are delivered, the operator can collect a signature or scan a location barcode on a mobile device for complete accountability.

6. After completing the delivery, run reports based on the information collected, such as account code billing information, product quantity, and delivery locations.

Why Is PPE Tracking So Important?

As the nation continues to navigate the return to work, universities and businesses must figure out a way to manage their PPE equipment. This workflow will help you keep track of your PPE equipment to ensure items aren’t misplaced, but it will also help you maintain the necessary inventory levels for your university. If you have a reputable campus logistics platform in place already, chances are it’s relatively simple to configure your system to track and manage your PPE items.

Do you want to see how Intra can help you track and manage your PPE equipment? Let us know in the comments section below or by visiting the contact page of our website.