University print service departments perform a myriad of tasks for a variety of consumers. Faculty and students print and copy course materials and assignments, while staff create high volumes of print jobs for department-wide projects. Recently, print services have expanded their offerings to include advanced options such as digital design and services, promotional marketing collateral, and off-campus mailing. Billing for these services can be tedious, as depending on the customer, the services may need to be paid on-site or billed out for company or department budgeting records. Considering the numerous tasks that print departments take head-on, it is very easy for the staff of these centers to be overwhelmed and for tasks to become disorganized or even lost. Luckily, SCLogic has a tool that provides an integrated way to organize these many tasks into a seamless workflow.

What is SCLogic’s Print/Copy Workflow?

SCLogic’s 22-year focus on-campus logistics informs every aspect of our platform. The Print/Copy and Digital Services workflow is a work model that streamlines and prioritizes web requests, dispatches service workers, confirms request completions, and measures productivity. Intra is configurable to target your campuses’ unique and everyday accountability pain-points. Notifications and reports are configurable to address the multiple billing procedures that take place within a printing department.

How Does Our Print/Copy Workflow Work?

The workflow model works in three distinct phases: Build, Fulfill, Analyze.


In this phase, staff can log high volumes of incoming requests within the Intra platform and designate the various urgency levels for each job. The urgency level can be anywhere from 2 hours to the next week. The platform can also accommodate the automatic assigning of rush jobs to meet their Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and quickly identify potentially late jobs. From that point, you can assign each job to the appropriate staff member(s) and begin fulfillment.


The next phase involves the execution and delivery of requested items. As requests are being fulfilled, incoming requests for delivery are automatically added to sweeps. The team can prep each job for internal delivery or external shipment. Upon delivery, a signature from the receiving client is collected, closing the accountability loop.


In the final phase, staff members and supervisors alike can analyze the various departmental metrics and reports generated within the Intra platform. Intra can drill down into an individual employee’s performance or scale out to an entire department’s performance. You may also monitor departmental spending, any SLA exceptions, and print volumes. Each platform notification and report can be configured to address the multiple billing procedures within the department. Your team will always know how to bill for the services they provide.

What Are The Benefits of Using This Workflow?

While other companies offer generic print logistic options, SCLogic’s print/copy workflow is fully configurable to meet your department’s unique needs. From request to fulfillment, each stage is configured for your use-case. Your request input process is infinitely easier when your staff uses forms that are specifically created for them. The Intra platform gives you the power to build, view, approve, fulfill, and move processes through to completion for all the campus logistics that you manage.

Are you interested in SCLogic’s Print/Copy and Digital Services Workflow? Let us know in the comments section below or by visiting the contact page of our website.