This post is part of the Feature Focus section of my blog. I will pick a generic feature of your package tracking software, campus logistics system, or business process management system and then explain what it is, how it works, and the benefits of using that feature. For this post, I’m going to talk about intelligent lockers.

Intelligent lockers can give your students the ability to pick up their packages without having to keep your mailroom open. We have combined forces with several intelligent locker providers to provide an integrated solution that allows mailroom managers to not only eliminate the dreaded package pick up line, but to also track and account for every package that enters and exits the facility through the locker management system.

How It Works

An email/text notification is sent to the student when a package is placed in the locker. This notification contains the location as well as a passcode to open the locker. The student visits the locker bank at a time that is convenient to their schedule and enters the passcode for the locker their package is in. The door opens and they pick up their package(s), this also captures a “signature,” by entering the passcode from the notification, which completes the cycle.

Benefits and Uses

  • Eliminate long student lines – provide students with access to their packages any time while the mail center maintains normal business hours
  • Streamline processes – provides a holistic view of data lookup and reporting, making it a simple task
  • 24/7 package access – locker banks accommodate students schedule
  • Email/text notifications – receive an email/text containing the locker location and passcode

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