What classifies software as a platform? What classifies it as a product? This week we’re going to take a look at the difference between a software platform and a software product.

Differences Between a Software Platform and Software Product

Software platform (noun) – a major piece of software, such as an operating system, operating environment, or a database, under which various smaller application programs can be designed to run. Platforms are built for change.

Software product (noun) – an application that is built with predefined logic.

Software products ultimately narrow the breadth of scope, while software platforms separate out the logic functions so that a structure for change can be built. For example, Facebook is both a platform as well as a product, depending on how you look at it. It’s a product in that it’s an app that you can download onto your phone or log into on the browser of a computer, but it’s also a platform for other applications to connect with.

Now, we know what you’re thinking, what does this have anything to do with mail…we’re getting to that! Now we’re going to talk about the Intra Platform, which integrates with software products, such as mail sorters, intelligent lockers, and outbound shipping software. This integration is key because it allows for the de-siloing of your data and allows your systems to speak to one another. This creates a single database that houses all the data that is captured allowing you to create more advanced reports based on metrics that previously were not possible to obtain without a sleepless night and a case of red bull.

Introducing Intra

Intra is an ever-evolving platform built and continually engineered for the people tasked with the often-thankless work that makes campuses, facilities, and auxiliary services run.  We talk to our users daily.  It’s these conversations, equaling hundreds of man-years of listening, that fuel Intra’s development, refinement, and continuous innovation.  As we evaluate new platforms, devices, and ways to interconnect systems, we always ask ourselves if “this” will this make our users’ day better and their job more secure.  Be it demand for a broader micro-services architecture, a driverless campus, or simply the logic and urgency of sustainability, Intra will be there.

Intra in Package Tracking

The foundation of Intra is based on the use of mobile computers and barcodes to track the flow of objects— mail, parcels, property (computers, gas cylinders, vehicles, etc.), files/print jobs, or people — as they enter and move around your campus. SCLogics campus logistics platform, Intra EDU, takes our technology straight to the heart of those charged with managing university logistics by providing automated, consolidated, and efficient methods to:

Core Goals of Intra

Complete Accountability

Full chain of custody on anything that moves and a “three-way match” that ties together the purchase order, tracking number, and paid voucher.

Optimize Storage Space

Barcode shelves in order to quickly locate packages and organize assets.

Accessible & IT Friendly

Works whether you’re on-premise, on the web, or in the cloud regardless of your platform. Meet SLAs with superior efficiency through fully vetted software that meets the strictest security standards and 24/7 technical support via phone, email, or live chat.

Dynamic Delivery Routes

Easily schedule and execute deliveries, moves, and pick-ups.

Configurable Layouts

Customize your screen layouts and labels to fit/streamline your workflow and close P.Os.

Advanced Searching

Track any variable you can think of – purchase orders, asset IDs, gas cylinders, tracking numbers.

Increase Productivity

Cut item processing times in half with fewer mouse clicks and quick scans.

Integrations Through Intra

The Intra Platform acts as a hub for your campus. We connect several software applications together to provide complete logistics visibility of your campus. From last mile tracking, ERP systems, space management to intelligent lockers, robots, and mail sorters, Intra can integrate with them all.

As always if you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to reach out to us below in the comments section or by visiting the contact page of our website.