1. Do you receive over 50 parcels per day?

If your organization receives less than 50 items or parcels per day, paper and pencil with good procedures may work fine (assuming they are generally low value items). However, as the volume grows greater than 50 per day, the length of time to process, deliver and report on inbound accountable items can be very time consuming and more importantly, the number of items lost or delayed can grow significantly.

2. Does your site have multiple buildings with a central receiving location?

When parcels and accountable mail travels from an organization’s central receiving location to separate locations with multiple internal couriers, the likelihood of lost or delayed items can increase significantly.

3. Are you delivering high value items and/or information critical to operations?

In some cases it can be easy to assess a value on inbound deliveries such as computer hardware or peripherals but other times it can be difficult to value a delivery. It is often difficult to assign a dollar value to a quote request, contract or other legal document. If items are so important that they must be delivered overnight via trackable mail to your loading dock, shouldn’t they receive the same treatment from your loading dock to the desktop? Timeliness of information critical to the efficient operation of your organization must also be taken into account. For example, a University may need acceptance letters or transcripts in a timely fashion to ensure it meets enrollment goals or a corporation may need to receive a quote request in a timely fashion to compete for a million dollar project.

4. Do lost packages often reflect poorly on your group?

Delayed items are one thing, but packages that are trackable to your organization’s loading dock yet lost in transit to the desktop are often considered inexcusable by the recipients. We discussed the implication of delayed packages above, but permanently lost or stolen items can dramatically affect an organization’s bottom line or project goals.

5. Is a large part of your day devoted to searching for lost or delayed items?

This is a common compliant from mailroom, receiving and facilities managers. Often those people responsible for internal deliveries also have other important responsibilities. Time spent looking for deliveries is time not spent on other critical responsibilities. Always consider the opportunity cost.

6. Do you spend much time on internal parcel and mail reporting?

Even if your volume is relatively low, required reporting can add up quickly if you are using a paper-based or outdated system. Consider how much time you spend on reporting and what that time is worth to your organization. Even if your reporting requirements are minimal, a system that can accurately track how much volume you manage can help give your department the recognition it deserves.

7. Do you get many calls claiming an item wasn’t delivered when in fact it was?

With a paper system and some automated systems, you can get people to sign for the packages they receive, but getting proof of delivery information back to your mailroom in a timely manner can be problematic. This is often a very time consuming activity for mailrooms.

If you answered yes to many of the items above, then a new tracking system may be justified.

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