Operational excellence is the gold standard for every medical facility, and possessing a full understanding of your facility’s logistical operations is essential for achieving that standard. Analyzing the metrics and reports generated by your in-building logistics platform provides the key to viewing and understanding your facility’s operations. You can use the information from your dashboard reports to determine if/where you can make changes to your company’s logistical procedures.

Here are a few necessary reports that will get you started on the path to operational excellence.

User Productivity Report

This metric monitors the turnaround time for tasks assigned to an individual. How long does it take for each user to complete a routine task? What variables could prolong the fulfillment of a standard request? Is there an extensive backlog of deferred work? These factors and many others should be reviewed and analyzed regularly.

Lost or Misplaced Packages Report

When it comes to inventory management, the worst scenario for any facility is losing or misplacing a package. Lost or unrecovered packages could lead to stock shortages and supply mismanagement. Therefore, it is vital to establish a lost or misplaced package protocol, one that includes entering a report into your company’s package tracking software.

Undelivered Packages Report

Another area of interest is the review of undelivered packages. An integral part of your receiving process should be ensuring that you receive and deliver everything that you order. If you have packages that were not delivered, you should ensure your operators are reporting them in your package tracking software. This will allow you to review the history of those occurrences and discern whether these are isolated incidents or emerging trends.

Put-Away Report

The receiving process is arduous for any facility. Packages may come in hard and fast, with little time for staff to sort and place those items. Creating and reviewing a report for items that were received but not sorted can provide insight into that process. Hopefully, after analyzing that report, your team can make adjustments to sorting procedures to ensure every item is stored correctly.

Are you a facility manager at a healthcare facility? What type of metrics are you tracking? Let us know in the comments section below or by visiting the contact page of our website.