An office manager’s job is ever-changing, filled with a myriad of daily tasks pulling you in all different directions. During this unprecedented time, office managers have had to continuously pivot and adapt to local, state, and national regulations, all while keeping their employees safe. Many office managers are searching for any tool that can provide relief, from monitoring visitors to ensuring capacity is not exceeded. Luckily, SCLogic’s facilities management software, Intra, may just be the perfect solution. 

Regardless of your office’s size, your priority is to keep business running smoothly daily. That is why office managers must create a list of relevant and timely KPIs and SLAs so that you can monitor progress and provide effective solutions. Don’t know where to start? Not to worry. Here, the enterprise workplace management experts at SCLogic discuss KPIs and SLAs you should consider as an office manager and how Intra can help. 

People Pleasing: Visitor Tracking and Meeting Scheduling

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, the primary concern for many office managers has shifted towards people. While your other daily tasks are just as important, office managers have had to alter their priorities to ensure every employee’s safety. That is why, now more than ever, having a clear strategy and system for visitor tracking and meeting scheduling is needed. Below are three KPIs and SLAs that you may want to consider for your office as we enter the spring season.

Reporting for Visitor Tracking

While many offices have altered their visitor policies during this time, certain organizations still have a consistent flow of people in and out at any time. Seeing as these visitors may not have adopted the same safety protocols, knowing the time of entry, duration of visit, and visitors’ contact path is imperative. Utilizing visitor tracking as a KPI for your office is a notable metric, giving extensive insight into your office space’s safety and where protocols may need to be tightened. Concerning SLAs, visitor tracking provides data required for partners that you are in close contact with. The more insight you have as an office manager, the better chance you have of helping employees and partners move forward in reestablishing a (somewhat) conventional workflow.

Meeting Room Scheduling & Turnover

While meeting room scheduling and turnover have always been a problem for office managers, the pandemic has added a slew of additional considerations and steps. From ensuring rooms are properly cleaned in between meetings to finding a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for request forms, many office managers are struggling to keep up. Using an in-building logistics solution such as Intra can alleviate many of these woes, giving in-depth metrics to help you identify gaps that may otherwise be missed.

Using meeting room scheduling and turnover as KPIs not only helps you fix current gaps but provides insight into long-term changes that may need to be made once restrictions are lifted. For example, suppose your employees complain that there are never enough meeting rooms open, but you see spaces are only reserved 30% of the time. In that case, this may indicate that employees are not following protocol when it comes to meeting scheduling. Additionally, this may show that your employees are either unaware or confused about filling out the proper request forms. In relation to SLAs, this allows you to provide partners and other parties with useful metrics about your meeting rooms’ safety and availability. From confirming that each meeting room is appropriately disinfected after each use to guaranteeing times and dates of room openings, your office will undoubtedly be functioning well.

Staying in Stock: Supply Costs and Inventory Reports

In addition to KPIs related to interoffice foot traffic, other KPI and SLA considerations for office managers include supply costs and inventory reports. While you are still monitoring traditional office supplies, many office managers have now been put in charge of maintaining the supply for PPE and additional safety supplies such as thermometers, barriers/partitions, and sanitizers. Measuring this supply cost as a KPI can help you identify how much of your organization’s budget is being spent on these supplies and how you may have to adjust your office’s future strategy as you recover financially. Understanding these supply costs can also provide guidance when creating SLAs. You can more confidently identify just how much budget you can allocate toward additional projects and provide better customer service for your end-users or partners.

Moreover, inventory reporting is a fantastic KPI for office managers to measure, especially in large-scale organizations. Using an inventory management software such as Intra, you can pinpoint which departments are consuming the most supplies, where inventory levels are at a given time, and how you can adjust your workflow for even distribution or additional allocation amongst departments. Concerning SLAs, this helps you create a detailed agreement with your suppliers to ensure that your office is adequately prepared at any time. 

Package Tracking: Distribution and Mail Turnover

If there is one thing our team is an expert in, it’s package tracking. With over a quarter-century of experience in the facilities management realm, we’ve made it our mission to find innovative solutions for organizations of any size. For office managers of large organizations, mail and packages’ distribution and turnover rate can be a complex area to tackle. With carriers and delivery services continuously shifting, it can be challenging to establish a consistent timeline for your office deliveries. Monitoring KPIs related to package distribution as an office manager helps you observe if there are specific delivery routes or locations that have a significantly higher rate of lost or misplaced packages so that you can connect with those involved quickly and resolve these issues. 

Additionally, researching KPIs related to mail turnover allows you to discover timing inconsistencies that may be harming your relationship with both employees and end-users. As it relates to SLAs, nothing makes people more excited than speedy delivery. With many of us having the “Amazon Prime” standard of around one day, anything more seems like an eternity. When working with customers as an office manager, having expeditious metrics for mail turnover and minimal instances of misplaced packages establishes trust and assurance for your end-user, ultimately helping you increase revenue and foster relationships. 

Intra: Your Comprehensive Office Management Solution

When it comes to office management, it often seems as if you need to be the “jack of all trades.” However, this can be difficult to do if you do not have modern workplace management software at your disposal. While you may be able to report on surface-level data for many of these KPIs stated above, you deserve an in-depth solution catered to your office’s individual needs. SCLogic’s Intra platform is a comprehensive in-building logistics solution that streamlines many of the processes office managers often spend extensive time and resources trying to complete. From visitor tracking to inventory management, our team offers 24/7 support and configurable solutions so that you can improve internal workflows and further client relationships. To see how our team can assist you, contact [email protected] or contact us to schedule a demo today!