mindfulnessAre you one of those people that tune out when you hear the word ‘mindfulness’? Ugh, here go those millennials again, trying to bring meditation into the workplace. Cue eye roll. Then this might be the blog for you! Regardless of your generation or religious affiliation, here are some suggestions we found in a Forbes article that might help you see things a bit differently in the office and consequently adjust your perception (and ultimately actions) for the better.

  1. Start your day with a positive mindset by consciously making the choice to focus on how things can go well rather than poorly.
  2. Don’t feel guilty when you want to take a little break. Go for that walk on the pretty trail around the office or close your eyes for a minute and think about something pleasant or nothing at all. Constantly cramming your brain with work can create fatigue and actually decrease productivity.
  3. Let your email box sit with some unread mail in it! I know, it sounds crazy to not respond to an email immediately but the constant distraction that you call committed multitasking can seriously take a toll on your overall ability to stick to and finish tasks or projects.
  4. Decide to be lighthearted about annoying coworkers. We all have them, they all drive us up the wall. But they don’t have to if you choose to acknowledge then let go of their eccentricities or rude habits. It’s not necessarily letting them off the hook, it’s not allowing them to get to you to the point that it negatively affects your day. Try it, it helps with road rage too!
  5. Take moments to be grateful. Yes it sounds cliché, especially during this time of year, but appreciating the people or things that do go right can leave you feeling better about work, coworkers, and beyond.