As the nation collectively tries to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, we all are looking for ways to keep our surroundings clean and decontaminated. While there is much to learn about Covid-19, certain sanitation practices are already known to be effective. Cleaning visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection is a best practice for the prevention of COVID-19, as well as other viral respiratory illnesses. It is up to everyone to identify the possessions in their lives that receive the most human contact and clean them regularly. For many, there is no possession that is used – and touched – more than a mobile device.

People are more connected to their mobile devices than ever before. Throughout each day, most people will likely touch a cell phone or mobile device several times. Disinfecting your device could help to slow or prevent the spread of infection. Unlike our hands, which also come into contact with multiple surfaces each day, our devices cannot be cleaned with soap and water. Fortunately, the EPA has released a comprehensive list of products that can effectively disinfect most household items and, more specifically, hand held devices. Here are some simple steps to properly sanitizing your mobile device.

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