The Intra in-building logistics platform integrates with Neopost’s EMS shipping software, giving clients the ability to streamline their outbound shipping requests.


  • Extends EMS shipping software to the customers desktop
  • Internal account code verification – ensures each account code segment is valid before the mailroom staff interacts with the package, eliminating lost time tracking down correct account numbers after the package is processed
  • Run post-shipment cost analysis reports
  • Easily track shipments with email notifications for each step of the process
  • The customer owns the data input process, eliminating errors and data entry by mailroom staff and gaining commercial rates for USPS
Carrier Sheet_Neopost

Outbound Shipping Process

1.  Fill out the outbound shipping request form. Print the carrier sheet (see above image) and include it with the package.

2.  An email notification for a pick-up is sent to the Mail Center and/or managed from the Fulfillment screen.

3.  Once the package is picked-up, an employee scans the carrier sheet asset ID into the ‘Package ID’ field in EMS.

4.  Track chain of custody from the initial request to the package’s final destination – email notifications can be sent during any step in the process.

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