One of the most critical factors in logistical operations is time. The luxury of infinite or even adequate time is not afforded to any part of the logistics process, from shipping to receiving. Each industry feels the logistical time crunch in various ways, and professional fields do their best to work as efficiently as possible. However, of the many fields that endure issues with logistical time sensitivity, the Pharmaceutical industry is among those with the most at risk should their deadlines not be met.

Nearly every aspect of pharmaceutical logistical operations is under some time crunch. From the receiving of chemicals and raw materials to the shipping of life-saving medications, expiration dates dictate so much of each logistical endeavor. That, along with other variables unique to the pharmaceutical industry, such as temperature-regulated shipping, government procedural approval, and more, makes the challenges of this undertaking ever more complex. However, there are ways to mitigate these challenges. The best way to navigate all of these challenges is to ensure all aspects of the logistical process are streamlined and efficient. Let’s explore some logistical workflows that can enhance operations and help solve pharmaceutical companies’ common logistical issues.

Asset Tracking

The initial workflow that we will review is by far the most basic. Asset tracking is truly a must-have for large pharmaceutical operations. The sheer amount of assets and materials that need to be traceable throughout the entire chain of custody for a pharma operation is truly vast. Assets and materials must be accessible and accounted for at all times, like lab samples, whose handling requires the utmost precision, expensive machines, and lab tools, which are difficult to replace. An automated asset tracking workflow is an easy start to making your facility operations much more efficient. Not only can managers have access and insight into all of the asset’s availability, the chain of possession, and life-cycle, but they can even use the platform to automate manual tasks. Let intuitive software do the heavy lifting so that your team can use their time more efficiently.

Package Tracking w/ POLIR

Many pharmaceutical companies already employ the use of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This tool allows organizations to manage day-to-day operations and their supply chain. However, companies can maximize their efficiency and transparency by using SCLogic’s POLIR (Purchase Order Line Item Receiving) tool with an Intra integration. Together, these systems can help staff streamline incoming packages, dispatch couriers, confirm chain-of-custody, and measure productivity. Gone are the days of lost shipments or imprecise hand-off of perishables at each stage of the pharmaceutical logistics chain. Furthermore, an Intra integration with a company’s existing ERP system provides the ability to tie together the purchase order, tracking number, and paid voucher for all-encompassing visibility.

Record Management

Pharmaceutical companies have a wealth of records to keep organized. Internal information like notes in lab books or lab incidents and published information like the results of clinical trials must be kept in a secure and easily accessible location. Not only must companies find ways to store all of these records, but they also have to be able to respond quickly to government agencies and others’ requests for data. A robust logistics system can help maintain visibility into company records and make it easier to manage record requests. The Intra platform provides users with a dynamic workflow that can streamline and prioritize web requests, dispatch service workers, confirm request completions, and measure productivity. Intra can help companies keep tabs on unnecessary records before they start to pile up and crowd space within the facility. Intra flags old records that are taking up valuable storage space for disposal using specific time intervals. For example, ABC Pharmaceutical must keep all unpublished records from clinical trials for ten years. Marking the records as such in the Intra Platform ensures that the staff gets an automated report of boxes requiring disposal when the time limit is up.

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