Few things in healthcare are as important as having accountability for medical supplies. Each medical facility houses hundreds, if not thousands of supplies that are critical to the health and safety of their patients. Healthcare facilities have taken many measures to ensure that they can account for every purchased item. But what if the average package tracking tool isn’t enough and you need greater clarity into what you’re receiving? Then it’s time to take the next step in supply visibility: It’s time for purchase order line item receiving (POLIR).

SCLogic’s POLIR software allows facilities to gain greater insight into the life cycle of a package. POLIR provides a solution that combines the functionality of two different software systems into one. No longer will a company have to use an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system along with its package tracking system. Let’s discover how POLIR works:

The packing slip of every package contains detailed information, including the purchase order specifying the quantities that should be in the box. Using that detailed information, our clients can track and discern all order information, including closing out all processed purchase orders. If a packing slip and a purchase order do not align, POLIR allows an employee to identify this discrepancy as they open the package. POLIR can also work alongside a client’s established ERP system, pulling updated data and pushing out reports as frequently as every 15 minutes. 

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