SCLogic is happy to announce that we’ve partnered with OfficeSpace Software to provide a best-in-class workplace and in-building logistics management platform. Combining our technology was really a no brainer. Here’s why:

OfficeSpace tracks where people are sitting in real-time and SCLogic tracks where items/requests are within a facility in real-time. Integrating our platforms gives facility managers the ultimate database of record – cue the cheesy inspirational music! Here’s how it works:

SCLogic’s facilities management system, Intra, imports employee location records from OfficeSpace’s advanced workplace management platform. That information is used to deliver packages & complete service requests for employees all throughout the facility.

About OfficeSpace Software:

OfficeSpace Software is an advanced workplace management platform. With an elegant interface, it enables teams to easily plan, schedule and complete desk moves. OfficeSpace delivers real-time data in clean easy to read reports, automates your communications, manages facility requests and enables you to implement, measure and review workplace strategies like desk and room booking, all on a system that’s accessible on any browser on any device.

About Intra:

Intra uses mobile computers and barcodes to monitor and control the flow of tangible objects/tasks (mail, parcels, property, assets, P.O.’s, files, requests, sweeps, or people) as they enter, move through, and exit a facility. Intra gives you the power to view, approve, fulfill, and move processes and service requests through to completion. Intra features intuitive user interfaces, rugged hand-held data collection devices, intelligent routing and sorting, cascading logic, text and email notification, signature capture, and detailed reporting and analytics. It allows any user to track any object or request, and monitor distribution, anywhere within the facility.