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The following Intra Forwarding Preferences workflow gives users the power

to stay connected and manage how they would like their items handled.


Our Forwarding Preferences workflow consists of a configurable request form on the Intra Client Services Portal (CSP), offering real-time delivery options for employees everywhere.

Whether they are working from home, in a flexible workspace, at their regular workspace, or would like their items delivered to a delegate, users can set their preferences for specific periods or make updates on the fly.

Common Mail Problems

Old Mail Piling Up

Mail for people that aren't at the office taking up space and Mail for employees who never pick-up from their mailboxes.

Wasting Time

Delivery personnel are all over the building. No route organization. Constantly making runs to deliver mail.

Too Many Calls

Excessive phone calls looking for mail or asking for alternative delivery methods


1. Complete accountability of chain-of-custody on all mail and packages that move around your facility

2. Reduce processing times & delivery times by quickly scanning in package information, identifying the delivery preference, and collecting signatures

3. Centralize high volume of requests for alternative delivery methods

4. View your operation in real-time

5. Reduce calls looking for packages, requesting pick-ups, etc.

6. Automatically forward mail/packages to employees not in the office (remote)

7. Deliver employees’ mail when you deliver their packages (or they pick it up)

8. Quickly request a delivery preference through an intuitive online portal

9. Offer flexibility with their services – set a specific time-frame for delivery preferences, receive reminders when delivery preferences are set to expire

10. Support a hybrid workforce with ease

11. Run real-time delivery analysis – generate reports based on when and how packages are most commonly delivered to make adjustments to processes

Client Services Portal

Ready to see a demo? Schedule one today!

Ready to see a demo? Schedule one today!

SLAs, KPIs, Included & Optional Workflows


Total Inbound & Outbound Mail/Packages Processed

Volume by Action

Cost Per Package

Time to Deliver

Packages Per Employee

Downtime Per Package

Total Customers Served

Deliveries Per Route by Employee

User Activity

Status Exceptions





Included Workflows


Forwarding Preferences (Request Form)












Optional Workflows


Purchase Order Line Item Receiving (POLIR)

External Ship Requests

Interoffice Requests

Package Tracking

Digital Mail – Basic

Digital Mail – Advanced

Virtual Mailboxes – Basic

Virtual Mailboxes – Advanced

Address Forwarding – Basic

Address Forwarding – Advanced

Mail Sweeps

Advanced Mail Sweeps


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