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Intra provides the platform to streamline incoming packages, dispatch couriers, confirm chain-of-custoday, and measure productivity.

Common Package Problems

No Accountability

Paper logs - taking up space and show no accountability.

Too Many Calls

Excessive phone calls from employees looking for packages or asking for package pick-ups.

Wasting Resources

Extra costs & time spent looking for lost or misdelivered packages. Delivery personnel are all over the building. No route organization. Constantly making runs to pick up packages.


1. Increased visibility into operation (real-time)

2. Complete accountability of chain-of-custody on all mail and packages that move around your facility

3. Increased efficiency for package intake, storage, delivery routes, and sweeps

4. Reduce processing times & delivery times by quickly scanning in package information and collecting signatures

5. Detailed reporting – project for the future based on trends/seasonality and make accurate budgetary decisions

6. Reduce calls looking for packages, requesting pick-ups, etc.

Client Services Portal

Ready to see a demo? Schedule one today!

Ready to see a demo? Schedule one today!

Integrations, Optional Workflows, SLAs & KPIs







Intra API







Optional Workflows

Digital Mail – Basic or Advanced

Purchase Order Line Order Receiving (POLIR)

Virtual Mailboxes – Advanced

Address Forwarding – Advanced

Advanced Mail Sweeps

Interoffice Requests

External Ship Requests

Address Forwarding – Basic

Virtual Mailboxes – Basic

Mail Sweeps

Forwarding Preferencces (Request Form)



Total Inbound Packages Processed

Cost Per Package

Time to Deliver

Packages Per Employee

Downtime Per Package

Total Customers Served






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