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Intra provides the platform where managers can quickly view and manage incoming requests while aligning with corporate green initiatives.

Common Request Problems

No Visibility Of Visitors

No way to keep track of visitors and no visibility of who is in the building at any given time.

Difficulty Tracking Requests

No efficient way to reserve conference rooms or conduct facility inspections. Difficulty tracking request completion and how long it takes for requests to be completed.

No Maintenance Data

Lack of data leads to maintenance being reactive instead of preventative.


1. Easily create badges for visitors as they enter the building

2. View guest history via web portal

3. Create flags for unwanted guests

4. Automatic email notification of guest arrival

5. Easily request furniture and catering for conference rooms via web portal

6. Efficiently conduct everyday room sweeps with To-Do lists

7. Assigned tasks (workplace requests) are sent directly to operator handhelds

8. Track time spent on tasks by scanning the location barcode at start and finish

Client Services Portal


Included Workflows


Visitor Tracking

Conference Room Services

Facility & Room Inspections

Workplace Requests

Optional Workflows


Facility & Equipment Audits

Facility & Room Inspections – Advanced

Supply Closet Management

Workspace Reservations

Ready to see a demo? Schedule one today!

Ready to see a demo? Schedule one today!

Integrations, KPIs & SLAs



EMS Conference Room






Total Customers Served

# of Visitors in a Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year

# of Visitors by Department, Employee

Average Turnaround Time for Conference Rooms

# of Tasks Completed Per Employee, Department

# of Tasks Completed in a Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year

Missed Facility Inspections/Audits

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