When considering updates to your current facilities management processes, it can feel as if there are endless options, bombarding you with a myriad of benefits, tools, and updates that you’re not even sure you need. As technology continues to become an integral part of the workforce in almost every sector, companies can often get lost in the clutter of new offerings and software without thoroughly researching and strategizing what their team actually needs. Unfortunately, not all software is created equal. So, what separates SCLogic and our in-building logistics software, Intra, from the rest? Unmatched customer service, unique software solutions, and comprehensive reporting options, just to name a few. With our 25th anniversary and IntraCon webinar coming up on June 25th, we thought this would be the perfect time to talk about our tried and true Intra software and how we can help take your business or campus to the next level. 

How It All Started: The Inception of SCLogic

Before we can get into the “SCLogic” difference, we must take it back to where it all began. SCLogic started over a quarter-century ago in the garage of a home in Potomac, Maryland, and has now become a hub in beautiful downtown Annapolis, filled with over 50 employees (and continuously growing). What started as a PC solution to help optimize inbound package tracking has become a full-service solution for large organizations and universities, with Intra’s capabilities at the highest level of facilities management needs. From mailroom managers to central receiving, asset management, and more, we’ve developed a comprehensive software solution to solve all your business’ unique pain points. However, what truly separates us from the rest goes beyond our software; it’s the people. When you choose to work with SCLogic, you’re not working with a team of uber-serious technical wizards (although they are magical at their job). You’re working with compassionate, intelligent, solution-oriented individuals who strive for long-term, meaningful relationships with each customer we encounter. 

Campus Solutions: Endless Student & Faculty Facilities Improvements

In-building and cross-campus logistics can be one of the most challenging sectors to maneuver for universities across the country. Seemingly endless lines of students waiting to pick up packages at the mail center, little to no oversight of inbound packages, lack of storage space in your mailroom and central receiving areas – all these problems add up to ultimately harm your department if not updated. We’ve been serving universities of all sizes through our Intra EDU platform, leading to some staggering statistics in recent years. Did you know that through Intra, our university customers have generated a total of over $7.75 million in revenue from surplus sales using our Asset Logistics workgroup? Or that each year, over 12 million parcels are circulated through the Intra EDU system?

When we take on a new customer, we strive for life-long relationships. Vanderbilt University, a customer of ours for over 15 years, said the following about SCLogic. “We average over 9,000 packages per month, and we have not lost one since implementing the Intra in-building logistics software. Purchasing a package tracking system was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.” Ohio State gives equal praise, stating, “Intra seamlessly integrated with our ERP system, which resulted in vastly improved visibility into spending habits and overall activity. We are so pleased with the results!” 

Intra Enterprise: Your Company’s In-Building Logistics Solution

For over two decades, SCLogic has made it our mission to create comprehensive facilities management solutions for large businesses. This goes beyond solving a few simple daily tasks, but rather crafting a solution that impacts every step of your work, creating streamlined and optimized processes for mail centers, document services managers, office managers, and more. Not only does Intra provide a complete chain-of-custody of both inbound and outbound packages, but it sets the stage for a strategic approach to facilities management. Our analytics dashboard is entirely customizable, allowing you to target, monitor, and reflect on specific KPIs and SLAs needed for quarterly or yearly improvement. We understand that employees of all levels are coming from various backgrounds and skillsets, which is why we make sure that Intra is never a “one-size-fits-all” software solution. We prioritize user experience, ensuring that all employees can easily adopt our software, grow in their role, and ultimately thrive in a modern workplace. When it comes down to it, we create software for your success. Whether you are an independent mailroom manager or the office manager for a national corporation, Intra is just as capable of providing meaningful, innovative solutions for your business.

Learn More About Intra’s Benefits with Our Team

Now you’ve learned our secret. The best tech, integrations, development, and customer service teams mixed with completely customizable software creates an unbeatable product that can soon be right at your fingertips. For the past two decades, we have been so grateful to have each and every one of our customers. From those who have been with us since SCLogic’s inception, to those who may have just discovered us in the past few years, we are so thankful you’re with us, and we look forward to the years to come! For those of you who may be on the brink of updating your facilities management software, it’s time to take the plunge. Email [email protected] to get started or schedule a demo with us today!