In recent years, the developments that have been made in the facilities management field have been immense, leading to a myriad of solutions available for organizations of every size. One of these developments that has taken the in-building logistics world by storm is intelligent, or “smart” lockers. Intelligent lockers offer a modern storage solution, with increased ability to manage, track, and deliver assets, mail, and packages across a facility or campus. That is why our facilities workflow software, Intra, was created with integrations in mind, helping you make seamless connections and improvements throughout your facility. Here, our team discusses the ins and outs of intelligent lockers, their exemplary integration with Intra, and the benefits that intelligent lockers bring to help your team improve daily workflows.

What Are Intelligent Lockers?

If you’re new to the logistics realm, or just stuck using outdated storage systems and software, you may not be familiar with intelligent lockers and their many benefits. An issue that plagues so many managers – warehouse, office, asset, mailroom, and more, is lack of storage space and inefficient pickup and delivery options. The solution? Intelligent lockers. Intelligent lockers help alleviate storage and distribution pain points that companies and universities of all sizes face and can be a time-saving and lucrative addition to any facility. It is important to note that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for intelligent lockers and doing thorough research on which lockers are best for your industry is key. Intelligent lockers offer a high level of flexibility in use, improved security, and many time-saving measures perfect for employees/students and managers alike. Consider a traditional locker system, many of which require multiple staff members to be present to assist with pickup. Long lines form, mail and packages may be lost, and ultimately, your team is losing precious time and money. Additionally, traditional unmanned lockers generally require a key or passcode, which employees and students often forget. Investing in intelligent lockers merges manpower with modern technology to create a seamless pickup, delivery, storage, and asset management hub.

How Does SCLogic Integrate with Intelligent Lockers?

If there is one thing our team is proud of, it is our thirst for innovation. With over twenty-five years in the in-building logistics realm, we have seen exponential growth in this field, and through all these changes, have worked tirelessly to remain at the top. We believe that collaboration is a key factor in our success, which is why we have partnered with various intelligent locker companies to streamline your facilities management needs. Our current intelligent locker partners include:

So, how exactly do we integrate with intelligent locker systems like the ones shown above? Depending on which locker system you currently have in place, or are looking to install, our Intra software platform connects seamlessly with these locker systems to create a chain-of-custody from package delivery from courier, to completed pickup by employee or student. When an item is shipped to the mail center, it is placed in an intelligent locker, triggering a text or email notification to the employee or student that contains the locker location, and a passcode or QR code used to enter the locker. The employee or student is then able to visit the locker at their convenience, and if needed, signs for proof of delivery. For example, our integration with TZ SMArt Lockers has allowed university mailrooms and central receiving areas to improve their daily workflows tremendously. With 24/7 package pickup options for students and faculty, improved storage, and decreased administrative costs, universities and organizations across the country are seeing significant improvements in their daily workflows.

What Are the Benefits of Intelligent Locker Integrations?

If you are looking to invest in or update your current in-building logistics software, it is important to consider its various integrations. Intra’s user-friendly interface and continually growing integrations provides a comprehensive solution for large-scale facilities or universities. While intelligent lockers may seem like a daunting purchase, we believe that the long-term benefit of this investment greatly outweighs the initial installation costs.

Optimal Asset Use & Maintenance

While many organizations and universities utilize intelligent lockers in their mailroom, locker integrations are also a fantastic option for asset or central receiving managers. Intelligent lockers can be used to improve storage, such as customizable locker options through Luxer One and many of our other partners. For asset management, certain intelligent lockers can conduct automatic audits, and merged with Intra’s various asset logistics workflows on maintenance, asset health, and reporting, your team will have a high-level overview of asset use and health at a simple glance, ensuring that you can work proactively to keep your department running at maximum efficiency.

Reduced Labor Costs & Human-to-Human Contact

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, universities and offices alike are working to find a balance between human connection and COVID safety practices. While many would like daily life to return to normal, the workplace and university life will have changes in effect for years to come. With finances for many universities taking a hit, intelligent lockers provide the chance for reduced labor costs, as many mailrooms’ daily tasks become automated. Because of the automated delivery and pickup notifications Intra offers, human-to-human contact is minimized, keeping your university or workplace as safe as possible.

Improved Security Measures

For any organization, the safe delivery of packages to the final recipient in a timely manner is key. Lost, misplaced, or stolen packages lead to frustrated students and employees, and ultimately costs your team both time and money. Intelligent lockers provide increased security measures, such as PINs or barcodes delivered straight to the recipient’s phone via text or email. Additionally, Intra provides in-depth reporting to ensure that package notifications are sent to the correct recipient and provide a detailed log of chain-of-custody in the case that any issues arise.

Learn More About Intra & Our Integrations with SCLogic

When it comes to investing in new technology, the decision can often feel overwhelming. With seemingly endless options, your team may not know the perfect fit for your business or campus. That’s where SCLogic comes in. Our experience in campus and in-building logistics for facilities of all sizes has given us the opportunity to see these integrations in-action, and the success our customers have seen. When you work with our team, you are working with passionate, intelligent individuals dedicated to creating the perfect workplace for your needs. We will work with you to find integrations to help simplify many of your daily workflows and create a welcoming and lucrative environment for your department. To learn more about our Intra platform and intelligent locker integrations, email [email protected], and if you’re ready to take the plunge, schedule a demo with one of our awesome team members today!