Despite the many technological advances that have happened in the logistics field, many would still consider the human workforce a company’s most valuable asset. Before the pandemic, the logistics of most mailrooms depended on human-to-human contact. However, given the dangers of transmission in these interactions, companies have had to make difficult decisions on how to protect employees and clients as they return to the office/school. At this moment, we must rely on a hybrid approach that harnesses both a human workforce and technological advances. Using technical ingenuity, companies can reduce human-to-human contact within their facilities. Below are three tools that mailrooms can use to maintain operations while protecting their personnel.

Digital Mail

Digital mail couldn’t be more critical today, as it provides mail visibility to employees and allows them to choose their handling preference, all without having to be physically present in the building. With this technology, incoming white mail is converted into a digital format and delivered to an addressee electronically. Digital mail is offering companies a way to enhance efficiency and create quicker access to incoming documents, all while reducing human-to-human contact. Depending on the complexity of the services provided, such as mail scanning and mail forwarding, each mail center can reduce contact for their entire operation. This is an excellent way to ensure the safety and security of your mail center, but in some cases, it means that recipients receive their mail even faster than they would through your usual processes.

Intelligent Lockers

The Integrated Intelligent Locker is an incredible tool for companies to implement during the pandemic, as they have multiple functions. Traditionally, companies would use smart lockers as an additional way to “deliver” packages to employees. However, during this pandemic, companies have been using intelligent lockers as an effective way to perform contactless delivery. Mail centers can hold packages in a 24-hour quarantine in a locker before making it accessible to the recipient, thus minimizing the opportunity for COVID spread. Employees can also use this quarantine method for outbound packages, which helps ensure the safety of mail center employees. Intelligent lockers are an excellent way to engage in touch-free delivery for packages, parcels, or any item of value for your mail center – both on the shipping and receiving side of operations.

Remote Package Quarantine

The off-site or remote quarantine method is among the more accessible strategies for a company to implement when it comes to receivables. To use this method, a facility must first dedicate an area for quarantining packages. Once you have a dedicated space, you must allow all incoming packages to remain in that space for 24-hours to ensure sanitation. After 24-hours have passed, mail center staff send an email/text notification to the recipient to inform them that the package(s) is ready for pick-up or delivery. This is a simple and effective strategy to mitigate any opportunity for disease spread through human contact.

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