When investing in a software platform for your company or campus, ensuring that there are a variety of integrations is vital. With the evolution of modern software customized for each client, your team deserves a platform that is perfectly suited for your unique pain points. From intelligent lockers to ERP systems for purchase order line item receiving (POLIR) and single sign-on (SSO), SCLogic’s in-building logistics platform, Intra, offers a myriad of integrations to keep your facility’s workflows at the top of their game. Here, our facilities management and campus logistics team discuss the top integrations for our Intra platform, and how your business can reap the benefits.

Intelligent Lockers: The Perfect Package Pick-Up Solution

With continuous changes surrounding capacity, office requirements, and in-person learning on campus, package pick-up can be challenging for any mailroom manager. With packages being left for months on end, and little to no oversight on who is present on campus or in the office, your mailroom can quickly become disorganized. At SCLogic, we integrate with several intelligent locker companies such as TZ to provide a modern, innovative solution for your common mailroom pain points.

By utilizing intelligent lockers, employees and students can pick-up packages at their convenience, without the hassle of continuously having to replace combinations and keys and work within the parameters of traditional office hours. When a courier delivers mail, you can scan in your packages using Intra, which prompts an automatic text or email to be sent to the individual, letting them know their package is ready for pick-up. These notifications contain a pin or QR code for their locker, and you can even customize this workflow to set reminders at specific dates or times if they fail to pick their packages up.

ERP Systems: Streamlining POLIR & SSO

ERP, POLIR, SSO, all of these acronyms can be confusing at first glance. ERP refers to enterprise resource planning, which organizations use to manage day-to-day operations and supply chain. POLIR, or purchase order line item receiving, allows an organization to use an in-building logistics software, such as Intra, to streamline incoming packages, dispatch couriers, confirm chain-of-custody, and measure productivity. Intra will integrate our POLIR functionality with your organization’s financial application (ERP system) to tie together the purchase order, tracking number, and paid voucher for all-encompassing purchase visibility. Concerning SSO or single sign-on, this integration works with Intra’s client services portal (CSP) to provide a secure login method to streamline daily tasks. Employees can sign-in on a single computer, tablet, or phone and utilize access to various systems within the company securely. Our team has integrations with Active DirectoryWorkday, Banner, and many others.

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Carrier & Outbound Shipping Integrations: Necessities for Your Mailroom

When it comes to mailroom management, efficiency should always remain at the forefront. You know all too well that each carrier varies in their communication styles, and without a way to keep data organized, your mailroom will likely struggle. Our Intra platform integrates with UPS, FedEx, and USPS to help you plan your mailroom’s schedule ahead of time by anticipating package volumes and adjusting workloads accordingly. These carrier integrations also improve data accuracy in shipping and receiving, helping you determine gaps in which your mailroom can improve and ensure that all carriers are meeting the minimum requirements outlined in their SLAs, thus improving daily workflow and increasing revenue for your team.

On the outbound shipping side, we also integrate with 2Ship, a complete logistics solution that centralizes all carriers, services, locations, and users into a single solution and shipping history. 2Ship empowers employees to dispatch digital shipment requests to the mailroom. Intra then tracks the logistics of that shipment from desktop pick-up to carrier pick-up, allowing your mailroom to maintain complete accountability for each package. This parcel management solution helps provide end-to-end outbound tracking visibility, integrate dashboards and reports to show activity, and run post-shipment cost analysis reports so that you can ensure your mailroom is as efficient as possible.

Mail & Package Sorters: Improving Outbound Delivery

While it may seem elementary, investing in software with extensive mail and package sorting integrations can be a massive benefit for your organization. From college campuses to large-scale corporate headquarters, Intra’s mail and package sorting integrations save your team time, money, and energy by facilitating a streamlined approach to sorting and delivery. Currently, our Intra platform integrates with OPEX and Fluence. The OPEX and Intra integration is perfect for universities, in which batches of mail are loaded into the OPEX Mail Matrix, sorted, scanned, and placed into trucks for campus delivery. Our Fluence integration gives clients the ability to streamline the sortation of their inbound carrier parcels by combining the tasks of receiving and sorting inbound packages, “reading” inbound labels to place a sortation label, and provide end-to-end tracking visibility from the receiving dock to the recipient’s delivery. You can even integrate dashboards and reports to show all inbound activity for a high-level overview of your mailroom.

Delivery isometric concept storage in laptopSpace Management: Keeping Your Office Secure Daily

In large organizations, facilities managers often struggle with maintaining an accurate idea of where employees are within their company at a given time. As the coronavirus pandemic continues, this data is vital to keep your office as safe and secure as possible. With Intra’s OfficeSpace integration, you can see where all employees sit in real-time. This also assists in package delivery, as your delivery personnel can find recipients quickly and without additional hassle. Through this integration, Intra imports employee location records from OfficeSpace. That information is then used to deliver packages and complete service requests for all employees throughout the facility. You can share recipient/location tables, integrate floor plans into Intra’s mobile application, quickly complete tasks and audits and run detailed reports, keeping your team ahead of the game.

Learn More About Intra & Our Many Logistics Integrations

At SCLogic, our team has over a quarter-century of experience in logistics management, from universities to businesses of all sizes. We understand that each client has unique pain points and requirements, which is why we strive to continuously improve our integration process. We know how difficult it can be to successfully manage mail, assets, and employees, which is why we make it our job to provide comprehensive, user-friendly solutions. Through our in-building logistics platform, Intra, and the growing number of integrations we support, you will find comfort through the detailed data, accountability, transparency, and efficiency Intra provides. To see how we can assist your university or organization, email [email protected] or schedule a demo with us today.


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