Are you responsible for University storage, but don’t know how to keep track of the space and what departments to bill for the service? Then it’s time to check out the warehouse storage workflow!

When you utilize the storage workflow, you can maintain complete visibility and accountability of everything in your warehouse. You might even be able to generate revenue for your department – more on that later.

How Does the Warehouse Storage Workflow Work?

Intra tracks item locations, account numbers to bill for the storage service and provides data on space availability. Once your warehouse is set up, and Intra is configured, the workflow follows these steps.

  1. Scan the pallet in Intra and collect the required information, such as department, account number, contact information, delivery location, and any associated data. *Note: If you use the Intra Client Services Portal (CSP), the customer can complete a request form to capture the information you need.
  2. Physically move the pallet into the storage location.
  3. Scan the pallet barcode, and assign it to the storage location by scanning the location barcode.
  4. When stored items are requested, look up the pallet’s location in Intra. Navigate to the appropriate rack or storage area, pull the pallet, and prep for delivery. Collect a signature when the pallet is delivered. *Note: Signing for the pallet will also sign for the items on the pallet via a parent-child relationship.

At the end of each billing cycle, you can run reports that show which account numbers you should bill for X amount of days of storage, generating revenue for your department – WIN! You can also report on space availability and how many locations do not have assets assigned to them.

Do you have more questions about the warehouse storage workflow? Let us know in the comments section below or by visiting the contact page of our website.