When working in logistics, nothing feels better than finding efficient ways to save time and solve problems. Many organizations continue to adopt digital initiatives to streamline processes, and facilities management is no different. Often, organizations struggle to maintain an organized request management system, employees fail to fill out forms accurately, and as a result, significant requests get overlooked. Our in-building logistics platform, Intra, seeks to solve these inconveniences in facilities management. Here, the request management experts at SCLogic discuss our new Email Intake feature, helping Workplace Services teams complete tasks with confidence and clarity. 

What Is Email Intake?

Our new Email Intake feature is perfect for facilities of all sizes, creating a simplified way to submit requests for end-users, and organize workflows for Workplace Services teams. Instead of filling out a digital service request form (SRF) to get a new request ticket in our Intra platform, the requestor will email the service manager, who will forward the request to a specific email address provided by our team. Through Mailgun’s API and SSIS job, automated jobs will pull that email into Intra and create a request ticket. Our Email Intake service is currently available for hosted customers only, providing ease of requests for all members of your organization.

How Does Our Email Intake Feature Work?

If you are familiar with SCLogic’s Intra software, below, we will provide a step-by-step guide on utilizing our new Email Intake feature. If not, no worries – schedule a demo with us at your convenience so we can show you just how efficient your business can be.

  1. Requestor Sends Email:

    First, the requestor emails the Workplace Services team with their job request, from meeting room booking to office inventory management. The Workplace Services team will thoroughly review these requests before being forwarded to the designated email provided by SCLogic.

  2. Mailgun’s API Pulls in Content:

    In collaboration with Mailgun, the information is then pulled into a request ticket, in which the “from,” “subject,” and “body” are placed into custom variables. Attachments are then stored the same as if they were attached on an SRF.

  3. Workplace Services Completes Input & Tasks:

    After the request ticket is completed, it is then sent to a fulfillment screen within Intra, in which the Workplace Services team will complete needed information and process the request. The Workplace Services user will click a single-action button for submission and select the applicable SRF. Once submitted, Intra will be able to categorize the service area, and the task is ready to be completed by the appropriate party.

What Are the Benefits of SCLogic’s Email Intake Feature?

Our email intake feature was built for efficiency, helping requestors enter their immediate needs quickly and helping your Workplace Services team remain organized in task completion. Enterprise facilities management software such as Intra is the cornerstone of facility operations, providing modern solutions for each pain point your organization faces. Our Email Intake feature, specifically, has a host of benefits for your company at all levels.

  1. No Need to Force User Adoption:

    Organizations across the country are filled with a diverse employee base, and for many decision-makers, it can be challenging to find a solution that is applicable across the board. Navigating complex dashboards over varying interfaces can cause confusion, frustration and halt workplace requests. Our Email Intake feature removes this worry, allowing all employees to simply write an email to a designated address. Our software and your Workplace Services or FM Management team will handle the rest.

  2. Time Saved Filling Out Requests:

    One of the most precious commodities in the workplace is time, and many of us feel as if we never have enough. Intra’s email intake functionality gives managers the ability to import emailed requests, eliminating the time that would otherwise be used manually filling out these forms. Not only does this save time, but it reduces the likelihood of human error when these forms are directly inputted into the platform.

  3. All Tasks Are Accounted For:

    You know the feeling, that sense of slowly becoming more overwhelmed and frantic as you try to keep up with seemingly endless requests, searching multiple platforms to ensure that everything has been completed. With our Email Intake feature, all job/task requests are held in one place, allowing you to focus on organization with the confidence that your Workplace Services team has everything they need. Whether submitted through email or the Intra CSP, requests are now easily accessible at any time.

See How SCLogic’s In-Building Logistics Platform Can Help

Whether you are unfamiliar with Intra or are just looking to expand your current offerings with our team, let us show you what we’re all about! As a facilities management and in-building logistics company with over a quarter-century of experience, we have seen decades of innovation and advancements. We have become experts at staying ahead of the curve if we do say so ourselves. Our job is to provide one system that establishes a seamless process amongst all areas of your organization’s facilities workflow. To learn more about our latest version of Intra and see how our team can assist you, email [email protected] or schedule a demo today.