As we celebrate World FM Day, our team has been reflecting on what it means to be a facilities manager. This past year has been an absolute whirlwind for facilities managers at companies of all sizes. Many have had to constantly pivot and adjust their routine to prioritize the safety of each employee while ensuring deadlines and company goals are met. For over a quarter-century, our team has made it our mission to create innovative and user-friendly solutions to streamline the many pain points and processes facilities managers struggle with each day. Through our in-building logistics software, Intra, your organization’s daily woes will fall to the wayside, replaced with modern software created to save you time, improve workflows, and ultimately increase revenue.

Prioritizing Productivity Through Streamlined Workflows

In any form of management, part of your job is to ensure that productivity remains high. As it relates to facilities managers, this means ensuring employees are meeting and exceeding their job requirements, making sure all requests are taken care of, supplies are stocked, and departmental revenue increases. Our team has created various workflows configured to support facilities managers of all kinds. From office and visitor management to detailed mailroom solutions, your days of manually monitoring requests and conducting reports are no more. So often, these antiquated processes take up vital time that your team could be using to support employees. When this time spent negatively affects an employee, you are often the first one that is blamed. We understand that the influx of technology in the facilities management world has made a substantial impact, so we continuously work to stay ahead of the technological curve. Our software is created with people in mind, establishing a user-friendly interface perfect for facilities managers and employees alike and configured for each organization.

Creating Pathways for Improved Communication

Often overlooked but vitally important, one of the main tasks facilities managers face daily is communication, both amongst their team and the employees they serve. Managing the communication chain for any maintenance or conference room requests and navigating communication regarding productivity can lead to stagnation if not fixed. So often, facilities struggle with keeping their team motivated and employees happy because they fall victim to mistakes made with manual or outdated forms and workflows. Through Intra, we offer various channels of communication for employees to connect with managers, managers to connect with employees, and stakeholders/executives to communicate with their various departments and outside parties.

Intra creates a detailed chain of custody for all requests and packages to help facilities managers maintain oversight of their various operations. Furthermore, this allows facilities managers to ensure that SLAs with outside parties are being met, if not exceeded. Finally, facilities managers are able to report on key metrics through Intra’s Analytics Dashboard, customizing reporting to create a comprehensive document that can be brought to stakeholders. This helps you communicate goals, gaps, and any other relevant information to your team with concrete data and patterns to back it up. As a result, you can create future strategies and enact new processes with confidence and clarity.

Optimizing Strategies for Revenue Increase & Employee Growth

Facilities managers spearhead many daily tasks; however, they also must maintain a focus on long-term strategy over daily task completion. If the foundation for their team is not set up well, then each aspect that follows will suffer due to lack of modern technology, streamlined processes, or staffing. To foster success for your department, you deserve configured and innovative software solutions explicitly created to alleviate pain points. It is not commonplace for facilities managers to conduct detailed reporting, as many daily tasks require their attention. Our Intra Analytics Dashboard was created to expedite this process by providing a user-friendly configurable interface for all of your reporting needs. From asset statuses to financial reports and request management, you can solidify patterns in data to make beneficial decisions for yourself and your team. This not only leads to efficiencies in daily workflows but improves revenue in a myriad of ways for your facility, as well as fosters employee growth through learning new technology and adapting to new workflow patterns.

Learn More About SCLogic’s Passion for Facilities Management

World FM Day is just one day out of the year, but we like to celebrate facilities managers every single day. As a facilities manager, your dedication to your company and employees is incredible. Your growth mindset, strategic thinking, and ability to communicate, delegate, and continuously improve are unmatched. At SCLogic, we have spent the past 25 years creating a space dedicated to improving the lives of facilities managers through software and technology. We understand the critical thinking and hard work it takes every day for facilities managers to see success and strive to do our part in fostering an efficient environment. To learn more about our offerings and see how our team can assist you, email [email protected] or schedule a demo with us today.

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