The world of federal contracting is fast-moving and competitive. Companies that receive contracts with any federal agency not only have to present superior products but must be ready to secure the proper certifications to be a government provider. Businesses that aren’t ready to meet government requirements are immediately left behind. At SCLogic, we believe in preparation. We are a long-standing government partner, providing premium logistical solutions to numerous agencies. Our proven value, as well as our accrual of key government certifications, permit our government purchasers to rest easy in the knowledge that we are ready for any federal opportunity. Here are some of the reasons why SCLogic plays nice with the government.

  1. Our technology is for everyone

At SCLogic, we believe in inclusivity on every level and know that our solutions should be accessible to everyone. It is for that reason that we design our software to be fully compliant with Section 508 of the American Rehabilitation Act. Section 508 aims to break down any barriers in information technology and build new opportunities for people with disabilities. Our commitment to accessibility will always be at the heart of each innovation.

  1. We’re a Maryland Certified Small Business

As a Maryland Certified Small Business, SCLogic makes it simple to purchase our complete system and to integrate barcode and wireless solutions.

  1. We are a proud Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business partner

SCLogic partnered with Colossal Contracting, LLC, to meet SDVOSB requirements. The federal government has a responsibility to provide opportunities to service-disabled veterans. We are excited to collaborate with a veteran-led business and offer solutions that meet SDVOSB criteria.

  1. NIST is no problem

SCLogic supports the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s mission to promote innovation and industrial competitiveness. Our software is NIST certified and accredited for:

    • NIST Special Publication 800-18: Guide for Developing Security Plans for Federal Information Systems
    • NIST Special Publication 800-53: Recommended Security Controls for Federal Information Systems
  1. We’re on the GSA schedule, and government-approved

SCLogic’s technology is on the GSA schedule, and our software is:

    • Section 508 Certified
    • TRM approved for Dept of Veterans Affairs (VA Hospitals)
    • FIPS 140 compliant
    • NIST Certified

Do you work for a government agency? Are you satisfied with the in-building logistics solution at your facility? Let us know in the comments section below or by visiting the contact page of our website.