Working in facilities management, finding time to conduct detailed reporting is not commonplace. You often spend your days jumping from task to task, focusing on the short-term goals of your organization or university. However, reporting can be an integral component in your department’s growth, as you use key metrics to request additional budget for your department, speak with end-users about SLAs, and discuss KPIs with relevant partners. Intra’s intuitive analytics dashboard is a comprehensive solution that can be completely configured for your organization’s unique goals. Here, our team of in-building logistics experts discusses why our Intra Analytics Dashboard is such an important tool, and how you can utilize this resource to fast-track growth for your business.

An Overview of the Intra Analytics Dashboard

When it comes to analytics dashboards, they are often filled with complex metrics to understand and a confusing interface, leading to additional time lost as you continuously edit each page to pull the data you need. Working in facilities management for over a quarter-century, our team has heard endless pain points, and we’ve made it our mission to eradicate them and offer a much-needed solution through our Intra Analytics Dashboard. This dashboard allows you to assess department performance in real-time, identify gaps in your workflow, and measure and report on various in-building logistics metrics. We take pride in our analytics dashboard’s configuration, including rotating screen cycles, dynamic window sizing for any device, configurable tiles within your dashboard (i.e., colors, sizing, text), the ability to run reports and email managers automatically, and much more. Intra’s Analytics Dashboard is a one-stop-shop to enhance your team’s communication and improve relationships with superiors and external partners through detailed metrics. With options for office managers, mail/central receiving managers, asset managers, and more, Intra’s Analytics Dashboard is the perfect addition to your in-building logistics toolkit.

Office Managers Find Comfort in Intra’s Comprehensive Reporting Options

As an office manager, especially amid COVID-19, finding any way to simplify your daily tasks is a relief. For many smaller organizations, office managers are faced with a myriad of jobs, including managing everyday workplace requests, inbound and outbound mail, supply management, and more. Keeping track of these items on separate platforms, or worse, manually, can often lead to frustration amongst team members from time lost and inefficiency. Using Intra’s detailed analytics dashboard, our team offers insights into all inbound and outbound mail, which can be broken down by carrier as well as delivery exceptions. We integrate with many major carriers, including USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Furthermore, traditional and custom request forms can be sent to your analytics dashboard to create a central hub for all requests to be delegated to the appropriate parties.

With many offices reopening, ensuring that PPE supplies are consistently stocked is made simple with supply statuses for designated locations throughout your office. Intra’s user-friendly interface creates a simple and efficient way for you to see a high-level overview of your office’s functionality daily so that you can focus on long-term strategy and growth for your team. Finally, as many companies change to expand their team after a year of stagnation, you can report on job submissions and form completions to streamline the hiring process.

Asset Managers Improve Efficiency with Asset Status Reporting

Asset management can be a challenging field, especially when you’re required to manage technology. If there is one thing we know, technology can be fickle, and without a proper reporting or status tracking system in place, your team is left to work reactively as you manage downtime and maintenance of assets frequently. Using Intra’s Analytics Dashboard, you can view your total number of assets (both in use and in storage), which asset requests have been approved, transferred, or are pending approval, when warranty expiration is for each asset, as well as which assets have scheduled maintenance coming up. These are just a few of the tools our analytics dashboard has available for asset managers, and each dashboard can be completely configured to fit your team’s unique needs. We provide the opportunity for you to shift your team’s priorities, creating a proactive environment with thorough insights into your assets’ health. By continuously pulling reports for your team, you can quickly identify gaps in your maintenance schedule and downtime and focus on a solution-oriented strategy that saves you time, increases revenue, and improves daily workflows for your team.

Mailroom Managers Can Expedite Outbound Delivery Methods

Mailroom managers see many benefits from Intra’s Analytics Dashboard, which can drastically improve insight into both inbound and outbound package tracking and delivery. In addition to monitoring breakdown by carrier and delivery exceptions, you can also monitor route volume, which is an excellent tool for college campuses. One of the most challenging things you face as a mailroom manager is having little insight into inbound mail/packages each day. Without this, staffing properly can be a challenge, and your mailroom often falls behind in efficiency. Additionally, having factual data in areas such as delivery routes can ensure that your SLAs with external partners are maintained and adjusted if needed. Mailroom managers are often left to spearhead funding on their own. By utilizing Intra’s Analytics Dashboard to show yearly growth and gaps in your workflows, you can confidently speak with stakeholders and superiors to request budget increases as life slowly returns to normal.

Let SCLogic Lead Your Team to Success Through Extensive Analytics

Facilities management is a complex job, and without the right tools, many teams are left with ineffective strategies that hinder department and company growth. Often overlooked, Intra’s Analytics Dashboard is a hub for all relevant information pertaining to your department and works as an incredible tool to help you discuss KPIs with your team, SLAs with third parties, and budgetary decisions with key stakeholders. With configurable analytics dashboards for your team’s major pain points, we’re working every day to continuously improve our offerings and reporting options so that your department can see meaningful success. To see how SCLogic can assist you in your reporting efforts and our other offerings through Intra, email [email protected] or schedule a demo with us today. You can view examples of our analytics dashboard below.

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