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  • SCLogic Software Helps Institute of Marine & Environmental Technology Capture Proof of Delivery [read more]
  • SCLogic Introduces Intraâ„¢ EDU Campus Logistics Software [read more]
  • SCLogic Introduces Intra Enterprise Version 7 [read more]
  • SCLogic Introduces Intra™ Omni Campus Logistics Software [read more]
  • SCLIntra is now available on GSA through Federal Partner SC-ID [read more]

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Mail & Package Tracking Software Systems

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SCLogic™ is an established market-leading software company with a focused mission: create the very best mobile mail and package tracking software. Our turnkey solutions, featuring proof of delivery, package logging and email/text package notification, are called the Intra™ Enterprise business process management system, Intra™ Omni package tracking solution and Intra™ EDU campus logistics system. Company & product differentiators include:

  • Highly Scalable & Configurable Software
  • Rapid Deployment, Easy Implementation
  • Flexible Back-Office Integration
  • 24/7 Live Technical Support
  • Online Client Services Portal
  • Expert Mobile Computing Reseller
  • P.O. Line Item Receiving
  • Desktop Shipping
  • Service Request Forms

Intra™ Section 508 Compliant:

SCLogic™ is committed to making our package tracking solution accessible to everyone. That's why we design our software to be fully compliant with Section 508 of the American Rehabilitation Act, recently confirmed in an independent evaluation by a leading software testing and compliance assessment laboratory.

In order to maintain very high product and service standards, SCLogic develops, deploys and supports Intra Enterprise and Intra Omni using well-trained SCLogic employees - we don't outsource.

SCLogic has a proven track record successfully deploying and supporting highly scalable accountable mail, delivery, package and parcel tracking software and campus logistics solutions at Fortune 1000 corporations, government agencies and university campuses for over a decade.

Featured Success Story:  

SCLogic Helps Vanderbilt University Improve Package Tracking Accountability, Trim Costs and Decrease Paper Usage

“From installation to service or technical questions, we have had nothing less than spectacular results. SCLogic has saved us time and money and they are awesome to work with.”

 — Mickey Anglea, Postmaster, Vanderbilt University