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Intra Enterprise

Intra Enterprise is the digital transformation solution to automate and streamline your facilities management and operations workflows.

We are your complete business intelligence toolkit.

Who We Serve

SCLogic’s focus on large-scale enterprise customers has allowed us to serve some of the best in the industry. From Fortune 50 organizations to world-renowned healthcare systems, we are a leading facilities automation provider.

Of the Top 10 Global Pharmaceutical Companies
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Optimize your asset



Modernize your asset management strategy through configurable analytics. Create a proactive maintenance strategy, monitor relevant assets, and generate revenue through asset optimization.


Workgroup Benefits

Gather Utilization Data

Conduct real-time utilization analysis through configurable data metrics on asset servicing to develop a proactive maintenance strategy.

Ensure Facility Compliance

Monitor asset health, location, and storage to ensure compliance standards are met for vital assets, equipment, and technology.

Implement ESG Initiatives

Improve ESG goals and exceed mandates and standards through asset reuse, recycling, and energy-saving initiatives.

Connect the

next-gen workforce.


Create a workplace that is efficient, effective, and adaptable. From visitor tracking to task management, Intra brings seamless communication to your team.


Workgroup Benefits

Automate Tasks & Scheduling

Use Intra’s automation tools to create a proactive task management strategy, sending assigned tasks directly to operator handhelds.

Create a Culture of Innovation

Foster interdepartmental innovation through improved collaboration and communication opportunities within your facility.

Gain Organizational Oversight

Managers can conduct room sweeps with daily To-Do lists and run detailed reports on response times, exceptions, and SLAs.

Modernize your



Execute and measure mail center workflows with ease. From package tracking and digital mail to smart locker and kiosk integration, let us enhance your mail and parcel workflows.


Workgroup Benefits

Improve Operation Visibility

Capture every chain-of-custody update on all mail and packages that move across your facility for high-level operational visibility.

Streamline Integrations

Prioritize a technology-first mailroom by connecting Intra to integrations, including smart lockers, kiosks, and more for 24/7 accessibility.

Centralize Requests

Centralize a high volume of both interoffice and external mail requests. Scale your mailroom operations while maintaining an organized mailroom.

Advance your

document storage.


Modernize your print and digital service requests. Identify and organize print jobs, manage records, and prioritize document security and organization.


Workgroup Benefits

Expedite Document Reporting

Quickly run reports to alert when files or boxes are ready for storage, scanning, or destruction to optimize organization.

Prioritize Document Security

Improve oversight by using Intra to monitor the exact location of every file to protect secure company and customer data.

Automate Notices

Automatically generate overdue notices for employees or customers that need to review scanned files and records.

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