Intra EDU

Intra EDU is your comprehensive facilities solution to streamline logistics across your entire campus system.

From the mailroom to the classroom, Intra simplifies and expedites your most complex workflows.

Who We Serve

SCLogic has over 25 years of experience working in higher education. From state university systems to large-scale private universities, we are a leading higher education logistics software provider.

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Streamline campus

asset logistics.


Improve your asset management strategy through configurable reports, analytics, and asset tracking. Ensure assets are accounted for across all departments, and optimize preventative maintenance.


Workgroup Benefits

Gather Utilization Data

Conduct real-time utilization analysis through configurable data metrics on asset servicing to develop a proactive maintenance strategy.

Optimize Departmental Spend

Analyze and recommend the purchase and allocation of assets based on detailed reporting.

Implement ESG Initiatives

Improve ESG goals for your university through asset reuse, recycling, and energy-saving initiatives.

Create a full

connected campus.


Create a workplace that is efficient, effective, and adaptable. From visitor tracking to task management, Intra brings seamless communication to your team.


Workgroup Benefits

Automate Tasks & Scheduling

Use Intra’s automation tools to create a proactive task management strategy, sending assigned tasks directly to operator handhelds.

Monitor Visitor Tracking

Easily create badges for individuals entering your campus, view guest history via our web portal, and create flags for unwanted guests.

Gain Organizational Oversight

Managers can conduct room sweeps with daily To-Do lists and run detailed reports on response times, exceptions, and SLAs.

Maximize mail and

package tracking.


Execute and measure mail center workflows with ease. From package tracking and digital mail to smart locker and kiosk integration, let us enhance your mail and parcel workflows.


Workgroup Benefits

Streamline Integrations

Prioritize a technology-first mailroom by connecting Intra to integrations, including smart lockers, kiosks, and more for 24/7 accessibility.

Improve Mailroom Automations

Automatically forward mail and packages to students, former students, and faculty that are not currently on campus.

Expedite Turnaround Times

Reduce turnaround times by quickly scanning package information and automating email and text notifications to students and staff.

Optimize university

storage options.


Manage warehouse and storage operations with ease. Master departmental organization and generate revenue through surplus.


Workgroup Benefits

Utilize a Centralized Platform

Sync all information into a single database by marrying the tracking number and proof-of-delivery of an item with the original purchase order.

Maximize Storage Availability

Improve visibility by barcoding shelves, and utilize reporting to maximize space availability and identify unassigned assets.

Monitor KPIs and SLAs

Easily identify any discrepancies with items versus what is on purchase orders, and identify relevant KPIs for departmental efficiency.

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