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    APIs: the ever-growing importance of connecting your isolated data sources


    It’s not enough anymore to simply gather data, or even provide metrics based on that data. Why?

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    The SCLogic team has done it again with a well-written article recently published in Mailing Systems Technology magazine called, “Cutting Mail Center Costs: The Goldilocks Approach.” Why Goldilocks? Because there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to making your mailroom more efficient.

    Cutting Mail Center Costs: The Goldilocks Approach

    Cutting Costs and Taking Names: An Article Written by One Of Our Own

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    Through careful listening on countless phone calls and onsite visits, we observed a recurring theme: we provided cool tracking technology, but they needed rock-solid processes and facility workflows to act as the foundation.

    Introducing our In-Building Logistics Platform

    The Facilities Workflow Platform…SCLogic’s sleek and sans fluff take on Facilities Management

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