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SCLogic™ News

  • SCLogic Introduces Intra Enterprise Version 7 [read more]
  • SCLogic Introduces Intra™ Omni Campus Logistics Software [read more]
  • SCLIntra is now available on GSA through Federal Partner SC-ID [read more]
  • SCLogic Selected to Provide Conference Attendance Tracking for NACUMS [read more]
  • What is a Heartbleed Bug? SCLogic customers are NOT affected [read more]

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Select Customers

About SCLogic™

The Company

Founded by Michael B. Saldi in 1996 as a barcode data company, SCLogic™ develops, sells and supports SCLIntra™ package tracking software. SCLIntra is used to monitor and control the flow of tangible objects — mail, parcels, property, files or people — as they enter, move through, and exit a facility. The application and our mobility expertise grew early in the company history and was driven by our early successes in the rugged mobility marketplace. SCLogic is dedicated to the use of wireless technologies, mobile computing technologies and the latest security protocols to provide clients with the kinds of applications that address their deepest industry challenges.

Mobile Computing Expertise

Because the SCLogic software team started as a portable computing development group, use of mobile computing is not an afterthought, but a fully integrated part of SCLIntra package tracking software. This led to the development of a handheld client, SCLIntra Mobile, that is so feature-rich it offers the same functionality as our workstation client. SCLogic is proud to be a Motorola PartnerEmpower Platinum Elite Specialist (Awarded based on product knowledge, certifications and hardware sales volume. Less than 1% of partners in the Motorola Partner Select program achieve this level).


Who and where are SCLogic clients? Our clients represent industries ranging from the Federal Government to Fortune 100 companies and Ivy League colleges. We support a client base that includes installations in six continents. Our substantial mobile support and sales force combined with modern day technology means that we can and do support clients anywhere, in any time zone. And we do it well.

No Outsourcing

There are no third parties involved. We write the engine, the browser applications, and the portable applications. We perform our own deployment services, man our technical support lines, and train customers using our own Systems Analysts. We provide the hardware, assemble it, and offer our own Hot Spare service. If you have a question or problem, SCLogic stands alone in its ability to provide a single point of contact to address it.

Multiple Procurement and Implementation Options

Perpetual or subscription licensing, hosted or on-premise. Purchase, lease or rent. We'll help you decide.