As a manager of any kind (i.e., mailroom, asset, facilities), you face a variety of daily challenges. If you do not have a modern or scalable software system in place to help you streamline departmental tasks, you may find yourself struggling to improve or even remain steady in productivity output and revenue. Generally, it is the manager’s responsibility to share insights and bring ideas to stakeholders to improve their department. A comprehensive software platform, such as SCLogic’s Intra, is absolutely key for the facilities management realm. Thankfully, our team of in-building and campus logistics experts has compiled multiple specific and lucrative reasons for your superiors to invest in an in-building logistics platform.  

1: Bring Your Business to Modern Ages Through Innovative Technology

One thing is certain; technology will continue to play an integral role in the workforce for decades to come. Year after year, additional automations, software, and programs emerge to streamline processes for many corporate sectors, including facilities management. Incorporating modern technology into your daily workflows not only expedites tasks that previously required excessive time or resources but allows your company to work on a long-term strategy with confidence. Powerful technology takes the burden off managers and superiors to juggle excessive tasks and teach time-consuming methods of manual organization or data capture. It replaces them with customized workflows for your team that automates many of the processes that so often cause strife. 

 From single sign-on (SSO) integrations to hot desking, office and facilities managers are making life easier for all employees when adopting an in-building logistics platform such as Intra. At SCLogic, we understand that our customers come from various technological backgrounds and may worry about implementing new software in their office or campus space. Rest assured that our team is here to make the transition seamless. With unmatched customer service, dedicated team members to assist in implementation, and a passion for all things facilities management, we guide you through every step of the Intra implementation and integration process so that you can move forward confidently.

2: Keep Your Office Running Smoothly Through Organizational Improvements

Our team also understands that every business is different and that you deserve customized workflows and automations to match. Whether you work in the pharmaceutical industry and are looking for asset tracking and record management, or a government agency seeking POLIR or task management assistance, Intra has you covered. With many traditional facilities management software platforms, there is little to no customization, infrequent updates, and a gap in user experience that ultimately hurts your team. When we created Intra, we made it our mission to adapt to the times, trends, and preferences of each of our customers, helping each level of your organization improve. In-building logistics platforms such as Intra keep each level of your business moving swiftly, providing insights and organization for package tracking, asset logistics, and more. Whether you’re adopting email intake or investing in self-service kiosks, your organization will improve on all levels by implementing a comprehensive in-building logistics software. Not only does this create additional time for you, but it also improves time management for all departments, ultimately allowing the business to improve productivity and revenue.

3: Monitor Relevant SLAs and KPIs with Partners & End-Users

SLAs and KPIs are the backbone of every business, the building block for strategy, and the glue that holds contracts with partners and end-users together. Without an in-building logistics platform such as Intra, you may have little to no idea of what to monitor and how these KPIs impact your business long term. Each department has a unique set of KPIs and SLAs that affect their team, and having software that covers each thoroughly helps you avoid additional problems down the road. For example, say you are a mailroom manager with little technology in place for mail and package tracking. You have little to no insight into how many packages move through your mailroom in a day, week, or month. In turn, you cannot staff accordingly or plan for days in which minimal or large deliveries are occurring. In the same respect, asset managers should have insight into the health and status of each asset to avoid extensive maintenance or downtime costs. These KPIs will help you identify gaps in your daily workflows and make quick corrections for maximum improvement. 

 In the same respect, SLAs or service level agreements with partners and end-users significantly improve with the addition of an in-building logistics platform. From the partner side, data provided by Intra allows you to monitor each partner and ensure that they are meeting their SLA requirements. For example, central receiving managers can track chain-of-custody for packages with partners such as UPS, USPS, and FedEx and determine if any of these partners are not meeting delivery times or quality levels. This allows you to adjust your process to provide a better experience for end-users, improve relationships, and lead to more lucrative future contracts. 

4: Use Reporting & Analytics to Showcase Business Growth

When it comes down to it, stakeholders want to see hard data. You can talk all day long about the improvements your department has made, but the ability to show concrete data for departmental and company improvements reigns supreme at the end of the day. When justifying the use of an in-building logistics platform such as Intra, be sure to discuss with your superiors how they can use our reporting and analytics features to showcase growth. For companies working with many partners and end-users, this is a fantastic tool to improve your pitches and presentations. By showing a track record of proven, long-term success through analytics and reporting, you gain the trust of others, leading to improved networking, strengthened connections, and business growth. Once implemented, our reporting and analytics dashboard also helps you improve internal processes. Whether you monitor KPIs throughout the next quarter or do A/B testing to support a new strategy, Intra’s Analytics Dashboard has everything you need. The result? Improved daily workflows, a track record of success, and more money for your department and company as a whole. 

Let SCLogic Guide You Through Your In-Building Logistics Transformation

Implementing a new in-building logistics platform can be difficult, but one of the most challenging aspects of moving into the modern age is justifying the investment to stakeholders and superiors. At SCLogic, we have over a quarter-century of experience in the facilities management realm and understand so many of the pain points that managers and departments face every day. That’s why we’ve made it our job to give you all the tools you need in a comprehensive, user-friendly software platform that is easily justifiable and proven to improve daily workflows. To learn more about Intra, our customized workflows and integrations, email [email protected] or schedule a demo with us today.

We look forward to working with you!