There are many elements of business that are known and recognized. The ideas of fiscal responsibility and shrewd decision-making are often lauded and understood by the business world. Another element that should be recognized as a core tenet of good business is operational speed and efficiency. For many enterprises, particularly larger operations, every department must adhere to the crucial task of keeping pace with company expectations. Of all the many positions for which speed and efficiency play a hugely pivotal role, central receiving managers may feel this responsibility the most.

Central receiving managers act as a port authority for all products, freight, and materials received by an organization. They carry tremendous responsibility on their shoulders, as nothing gets in without their stamp of approval. However, depending on the organization’s size, it is easy for managers to be completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of goods purchased. Problems are inevitable with any warehouse position, but there are specific challenges that central receiving managers face. Here are some of the most prevalent issues they face, along with some helpful tips to solve them.

Poor Communication
Communication is an essential part of a central receiving manager’s role. Whether it’s confirming received goods with an inventory manager or establishing a shipping location with a warehouse manager, talking is a necessary part of the job. However, considering the massive undertaking that central receiving is, managers must be efficient with their time. Communicating small changes in shipping rates, fielding phone calls about lost packages, and searching for misdelivered items eats into time that could be spent on other valuable activities. That is why it is critical to have a platform that can be shared and utilized at every level of the shipping and inventory process. As central receiving managers enter received items into platforms, they should be instantly visible to all team members, from inventory to warehouse.

Software Juggling
In so many ways, receiving should be a simple operation: you arrange for items to be accepted and verify all items have been secured. A simple ERP platform is suitable for inventory purposes, but it still leaves something to be desired for item verification. Unfortunately, this pushes managers to toggle between two software platforms for verification and item entry, losing valuable time while juggling the two. The solution to this is allowing integration for an in-building logistics platform that incorporates purchase order verification functionality. Enter POLIR (Purchase Order Line Item Receiving). Using Intra‘s POLIR integration, clients can track and discern all order information and close out all processed purchase orders. POLIR can also work alongside a client’s established ERP, pulling updated data and sending out reports as frequently as desired. This functionality allows for the most efficient receiving process any company could require.

Visibility and Accountability Issues
A common issue that warehouse teams face is a lack of clarity regarding an item’s visibility and a misunderstanding of available storage space within their facility. These two issues create a wellspring of problems like mishandled packages, underutilized storage spaces, and general disorganization. All of these issues will eventually create headaches for central receiving managers, who are simply trying to get freight verified and sorted as quickly as possible. The solution to these issues is simple: a warehouse management workflow that uses a package tracking integration. A dedicated warehouse management workflow allows managers to maintain complete visibility and accountability of everything in your warehouse. You can also optimize storage space by barcoding shelves to quickly locate packages, which will reduce the number of calls received regarding lost packages or mishandled items. Use your software to maintain a complete chain of custody and extend visibility over all items as they move through this chain.

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